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“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

Welcome to Being Berrak

My blogging journey began on AOL message boards in the late 90s.

Then came a very angsty personal blog on Tripod or AngelFire or GeoCities (I can’t really remember), which was actually the first time I tried to teach myself coding. I was using GIFs before I knew they were called GIFs.

Then there was LiveJournal…and Myspace…and my very first stand-alone blog which was hosted on Yahoo. Sometime in 2008, I found myself in this space, though it didn’t always look like this.

I’ve been constantly evolving as a writer and a person. My personal blog has always been a safe space, even after I dropped my pen name and came out.

You know what happens in someone’s life over the course of 13 years?

A shit ton.


So my blog’s identity evolved with me.

Which brings us to today.

I haven’t been blogging as much but I’ve always wanted to come back. Something about the space felt off – and I guess the past four years living in Seattle finally led me to wanting a new home online too.

So, here we are – new domain, a new header (a lot more me), and well, even an “Who is Berrak?” page because at 31 years old, I’m finally coming into my own.

Sort of.

Having so much of my life and raw emotions and silly angst for all the world to see online may seem silly to some. And it may be.

For me, it’s just always made sense.

So, tell me, how long have you been reading my blogs?

Do you remember how we met?

Do you have a personal blog that’s evolved over the years? Tell me about it.

PS: I’m still cleaning things up a bit since moving 8 years of content over to this domain. So please excuse the mess (and any broken images in older blogs if you decide to be stalkerish).

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