Who is Berrak?

Updated March, 2021

I’ve been writing online since 2003 and I still struggle with the whole “About me” section. It was almost easier when I hid behind a pen name back in the day. Curious about that story? Ask me about it sometime.

I’m a writer. I get to know the world and those around me through sharing and questioning. Fueled by coffee and laughter, I’m always looking for ways to make the world a better place. I firmly believe that being born on April 1st was no coincidence and I refuse to believe that a day can go by without at least smiling once. (There have been many days when this has been damn near impossible).

There’s a lot I could say about myself but maybe, if you’re new, some of my older blog posts can say them a little better:

What more can I say? The stories will keep on coming. Sometimes every day. Sometimes once a month. I write my truth when the urge hits me. Not every post is life altering. Not every post will be coherent.

This is my safe space, and I hope you enjoy the ride.