Confessions of a Journal Hoarder

Hi, I’m Berrak, and I’m a journal addict. It’s been 89 days since my last journal purchase and seven days since my last pen purchase.

Like most people, I’ve always had every intention of using my journals on a daily basis. I mean, I’m a writer. I need to put pen to paper, to feel the words flow through my body onto the page. I’m a prolific documenter.

Of course, I can’t go one day without journaling.

Of course, I need to use my planners to keep track of the million projects I’m juggling.

There are some things technology can’t take away from me.

Except…well, we know better, don’t we?

By the time I make it off the computer at the end of the day, I’m so worn out, my hands barely work. My handwriting has gotten awful. I mean, most doctors have better handwriting than I do these days. But as I mentioned in the first post of the year, this is the year I’m going to change that.



I mean, I didn’t buy all of those lovely pens and markers just to have them lying around. (Let’s not bring my stationary and pen addiction to this session.)

So, how am I going to make this new habit stick?

Step one: Take inventory

It should come as a surprise to no one that I have a few blank journals laying around my office. What I was curious about were the guided journals I bought to jumpstart my inspiration and force myself to focus.

Here are the journals I purchased with every intention of writing in every day, and yet, there isn’t a single pen mark in them:

Step two: Set up a system

It’s not enough to just to want to be better about journaling. I needed to do something drastic to force myself to do this. Bad habits are hard to break and right now, my bad habit is losing myself in the computer, unable to break away and then completely becoming useless.

So, it was time to try something new. Enter: bullet journaling.

If you haven’t heard of bullet journaling, don’t worry. I didn’t know about it until a couple of months ago, and then I became obsessed. A little intimidated but mostly obsessed. You can learn more about bullet journaling here. I’ll be sharing my journey about it in the next week or so.

Step three: Hold yourself accountable

This is where blogging and social media comes in handy. I’ve always shared my life with you guys, and as I said before, it’s been missing from my life the past couple of years. What better way to hold me accountable than share my journey with you guys?

I won’t be blogging about these things daily, but I’ll be sharing regular updates on Instagram and Snapchat. Some of the writings in the journals may also end up on this site as blog posts.

Step four: Just do it



Are you a journal hoarder? Is there a habit you’re trying to form or break in the new year? Share your confessions in the comments, and let’s help each other take it one step at a time.


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15 thoughts on “Confessions of a Journal Hoarder

  1. I have quite a few blank and half used journals laying around. They look so pretty in the store, then I bring them home and they don’t get used! Time to look at my journal hoarder behavior!


    1. I’m a fan of giving each journal a purpose. I have a couple of “catch all” notebooks I always have with me to write down notes, but then I have my “diary” journal that I keep at home, and I now have one for bullet journaling.


  2. I’m totally a journal hoarder. I was doing really well with it and then I kind of fizzled out. I need to pick one or two to write in each day and stick to it. But they’re still pretty to look at on my shelf!


  3. I totally relate to this! I don’t even want to think about how many I have.. I just have to have them all 😛


    1. I’m not allowed to buy any new ones until I’ve used up at least half of the ones I have at home, haha.


  4. Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a journal addict. I have 7 blank journals right now and I bought two more last week. Because they were pink with pineapples and one is to start my bullet journal!


    1. Oooh, good luck with your bullet journal! I’ll be writing about mine soon!


  5. I am not a journal hoarder but definitely have more makeup than I will ever need… beauty blogger problems haha!


  6. I’m always curious about those journals they sell with prompts and gimmicks but have to keep myself from buying them because I know I won’t use them.


  7. TOTAL journal hoarder over here. A friend gave me a very nice one for Christmas that I would like to use for bullet journaling but right now it seems more like a “chore” than something relaxing. I hope to get there… Thanks for making me feel not alone in my hoarding! LOL!!!


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