What is this, the stone age?!

As a full time student and administrative assistant, I’ve been using the computer for more than 9 years. Moreover, I’m so good with all the Microsoft Office applications that I can find my way out of ANYTHING. If I can’t, no worries. That’s why the oompa-loompas invented the internetz! So, when I get a call from a job who want me to take an online evaluation of my skills before my interview, I think “Oh I got this bitch!” because let’s face it. I rock. I also breathe Microsoft Word.

So I happily go to the link provided in the email, log in and crack my knuckles. Let’s rock this!

But wait. Is that a typo? Are my eyes blurry? ARE THEY KIDDING ME? Before me, the screen reads “Microsoft Word 2000 Evaluation”

2000? THIS IS 2008. I take a deep breath and begin the test.

First all of all, the menus and shortcuts that I would have conveniently placed on my toolbar so I don’t waste precious time while working are nowhere to be found on this test! And the menus are outdated. HOW the hell am I supposed to survive through 4 of these tests? (Excel, Word, PP, Outlook). As if THAT wasn’t enough, the first 10 questions have me bold, underline, italicize, center, change the font, change the font size and change the font color. *cough* I can do that in my SLEEP. Are there seriously people out there applying for EXECUTIVE assistant jobs, as in “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that the president of a company with 150 employees has a smooth day”, wouldn’t know how to bold text?

*bangs head on keyboard*

So it’s very likely that I may have missed a couple of questions. Do you know why? Because I know the programs TOO well. As someone who loves convenience, I know all the shortcuts but no, to qualify for a job, I have to do it step by step. *sighs*

I mean, really. Of course, as if that torture wasn’t enough, I had to do a friggin typing test. So my WPM count is high but come on. The errors that I might have on there shouldn’t bring my word count DOWN. Just because the stupid test won’t let me backspace and fix an error…*rolls eyes*

Maybe I should just go back to counting change at the checkout register. But then I’d fail the “situation” tests…