My Very First EBook: A Distorted Dream and Other Works

In 6th grade, my English teacher opened up an entire new world to me with just a prompt. Our assignment was to write a poem completing each prompt. The first line began with “I am…”

Up until that moment, poetry was  just something I read. I grew up reading “If” by Rudyard Kipling in Turkish, and then in English when we moved to the US, not to mention all of my favorite poems in Turkish. That day in 6th grade, I realized I could also write poems.

Granted, they were crappy poems, but I got better. In high school, I found spoken word poetry, though I never had the guts to do it myself. I went through high school writing ridiculous poems such as “First Kiss” (Because I was in high school when…I had…OK, moving on) and other teenage angst filled poems.

In my late teens and early 20s was when I really got into my poetry and started to branch out as far as stanzas and imagery. Granted, a lot of it was pretty doom and gloom and emo. Then I got a little sassy and you can see my attitude problem coming through the lines.

The last time I wrote a poem was years ago. This past year, I made it a personal goal to get back into poetry and eventually try my hand at spoken word. To do that, I went back and re-read some of my older poems, discovering that while most of them were crap, there are a few that I’d like to share with the world.

A Distorted Dream is the first short story I was ever able to finish, and it took me approximately two years to complete. The poems that follow in the book were selected from all of the poetry that I have kept. These words should give you a little more insight into who I was back then and the demons I had to fight in order to move forward. They’re not all bad, though. A couple of the poems in the second section will show you the hopeful side of me, and the third section?

Well, let that be a surprise.

What happened to the poems that didn’t make it into this book? Well, they’re sitting in a reject pile, ready to be put into a book of their own. If I hit 150 sales with this book, then I will release a free PDF that will include brilliant works such as “Etch-a-Sketch Bitch”.

You can download the PDF version of my very first EBook for $4.99 using the link below.

That’s a cheap price to pay for an intimate look into my soul.

Oh, is this where I mention that the third section is erotica?  (Sex sells or something?)

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The Game (Poetry)

(Just posting one of my favorite poems…Don’t read too much into it…LOL)

Lie to me
With your crooked smile
Fake twinkle in your eyes
Deceive me.

Seduce me
Lick your lips gently
Whisper your lines
Fulfill me.

Play me.
Planning to leave
Toy with my heart
Fool me.

Keep me
Hanging on
While you play.
Lead me.

Love me
Your heart is weak.
Fall into my eyes
Worship me.

Watch me
Walking away
As I take your heart
Ache for me.

You tried me
My patience ran out.
Now tell me
Was the game worth it?

(Copyright 2008)

Let Me Fly (Poetry)

I feel the winds knocking on our door
Have you come to take me away?
I’ve been waiting for you
With my broken wings…

I can’t fly away though I try
I’m bloody and bruised
They may have hurt my bones
But never my stride…my pride.

Will you take me away?
Just give me a lift to a place
I can heal without the world
Weighing down on the bloody wings.

I’m still an angel underneath
Ready to heal, to teach, to guide
My soul can’t do it alone
Clean up my blood and help me…

Let me fly.


Words unspoken hang in the air
Flames from an unapologetic wrath
Burn freely with the wind blowing
Causing the bridges to burn hastily.

Fear of vulnerability rises up slowly
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes
Of a bond once held together by trust,
Now floating up in a million pieces.

What was once unbreakable & strong
Flies uncontrollably in the fervent night sky
Without the foothold of foundation
Only accompanied by the tears we cry.

Was there ever a hint of hope
Before the fires began burning?
Could the bridges be saved
With the extinguish of an apology?

The friction was too vigorous to stop
Once that first flame lit up
Never were we fireproof
As the lies began to peel off.

So ends the tale of epic friends
Hiding behind masks afraid to trust
What was once eternal now burns
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.