Drink, Volunteer, Track: A-SPAN, DCCK, Miriam’s Kitchen & More

I haven’t really talked about my new internship on my blog but the post I wrote for the blog pretty much sums it up:

Why myImpact on Social Good Day

When I was in high school, it was a race to get the fullest college application. Who took the most AP classes? Who had the highest GPA? One of the most fulfilling experiences, however, was the community service requirement. In order to graduate from high school, I needed to complete 160 hours over the course of four years. Back then, the only way I tracked it was on a sheet that would be signed by the supervisors and then filed away.

As a high school student, I did everything from volunteering with the summer program at the local library to organizing the initiative to make 2,000 ribbons to be given out on World AIDS Day. Even though it started out just to fulfill a requirement, the impact that I made always stuck with me.

Years later, before I got involved with Social Media, I was a blogger on Myspace. I organized two 24-hour fundraiser auctions using only the blogs on Myspace and getting donations from other bloggers. The two fundraisers raised over $2,300 ($1,000 & $1,300) in only 48 hours. This was BEFORE there were tools such as Facebook and Twitter to get a movement going.

How do you use Social Media? How do you track your impact? I am excited to be working with myImpact because the platform integrates a tool that we use everyday to help us keep track of our impact. When you make a $10 donation, it may not seem like a big deal. When you can see your volunteer hours and those $10 donation accumulate over time, then the impact that you have on the world around you unfolds.

Check out the myImpact platform. You have the opportunity to see the difference that you make, as well as the difference other people are making in their community. See the difference you make. Encourage others to do the same.

In honor of Social Good Day, sign up for myImpact and share your impact with others. It’s a Twitter-based web platform for tracking the difference you make on the world around you.

Isn’t it time to use Social Media more productively?

If you volunteer, that’s awesome! Help us make the myImpact platform the best that it can be. We need YOU to use the tools so that we can get the feedback to take it to the next level.

Are you a parent? Has your child started doing community service? Direct them to myimpact.org

If you don’t volunteer, maybe it’s time to start. You can do as little as 2 hours a week to make a difference in the community around you. If you’re local to DC, there are a TON of places you can volunteer.

For starters? DC Central Kitchen’s vans were vandalized this week (Who would do such a thing?) Those who serve our community need your help to get back on their feet. You can check out their Twitter feed to see how you can help.

Love to cook? Sign up to volunteer at Miriam’s Kitchen to serve the homeless.

Need a specific event to jump-start your volunteer motivation? On October 12th, come join us in Clarendon for the Sock it to Virginia happy hour to learn about volunteering with A-SPAN, an agency that’s been lifting people out of homelessness for 20 years, and how social media is bringing a voice to the homeless from Shay Kelley of Project 50/50. Details here. Mark your calendars today.

Tracking your volunteer activity is a way to give others that push to volunteer. Ask a friend to come volunteer with you one day. More than likely, all they need is a little push.