“Caution-bunny crossing on back porch-caution”

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Oh hello there THURSDAY, I didn’t see you drive up! What? You’re almost leaving?


As amazed as I am that it’s almost Friday, the first week of 2011 has been exciting and full.

[Unfortunately, not all news have been great because someone who is very very important to me is going through a really rough time this week.  I ask for good vibes & prayers for him & his family.]

This week has been quite an experience since I’ve started working with Brazen Careerist (Whut, whut) and have been working on getting more freelance work as well as preparing for the new semester and working on plans for this year. Plans for writing, school, travel (SEATTLE IN 3 WEEKS, WHAT?!) and just keeping up my life in the best way possible.  I got a running start to the year and will do everything I can to make sure my life stays balanced and full while moving forward.

You’ll see a variety of blog posts from me, some including reviews of some of my favorite sites & products (Like Crowdtapper. Did you see my post yesterday? Why haven’t you signed up already?)

I will, hopefully, also be doing more writing around the web, like my first post as a member of Team Brazen!

I’ve also promised to work on spending more quality time with friends, as well as returning phone calls & e-mail.  It took all of 2010 but I’ve finally gotten rid of the toxic to focus on the ones who matter in my life, whether it’s personal or professional.

There will, and always, be time for laughter, of course! So I leave you with these two videos for now! (While watching, imagine if *I* was a penguin)

On a good day…

On a bad day…

How’s your first week of 2011 going?

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*Title of this post courtesy of whenparentstext.com

4 thoughts on ““Caution-bunny crossing on back porch-caution”

  1. You’ll be in Seattle? Whaaaat? That’s awesome! For work or fun? Maybe we can meet up.

    Sorry to hear about your friend. he’s in my thoughts!


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