Small Business Saturday 2017: Etsy Edition

I’m a huge advocate of shopping small when possible, every day, but especially during Small Business Saturday. If you’re not familiar with it, Small Business Saturday is an initiative by American Express, which has taken on a life of its own.

Every year, I try to highlight a few of my favorite Etsy shops and the women behind them.  One of my favorite parts about Small Business Saturday is reminding everyone that shopping small can mean online, supporting Etsy shop owners who work hard at creating high quality, handcrafted goods with love. (If you’re a frugal shopper like me, I’d like to point out that Ebates now provides cashback for Etsy purchases as well. Right now, you can get 6% cashback on your Etsy purchases)

On to the shops: Read more Small Business Saturday 2017: Etsy Edition

A Handmade Holiday Sale – Black Friday

When you’re doing your Holiday shopping this year, you might as well support individual artists and small businesses while you’re at it. I wanted to share a few creative individuals who are having holiday sales for their handmade items.

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Free Kindle Books

Hey y’all. Quick post to tell you guys about a site I am currently obsessed with. (For my REAL post from today, click here. I know, I’m blogging again. Crazy.)

Back to the site…

We know I love love LOVE my books and I am opposed to e-readers. Well, I was opposed to buying an E-Reader just for the sake of having one but now that I have my iPad, and there’s a Kindle app…I was still resisting.


UNTIL this site appeared on my radar.

Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink is, from their About page:

Pixel of Ink features daily publishing of Free & Bargain eBooks.

Here’s what you will find for both the Kindle and Nook:

  • Free eBooks – both the Limited Time Offers and often forgotten but Popular Classics
  • Bargain eBooks that are highly rated (4-stars and up) yet a bargain at under $1under $3, or under $5
  • eReader accessories for the Kindle and Nook that are an absolute steal of a deal (i.e. 50% off or more)

Prices & availability are accurate at the time of posting and are subject to change, and may differ from one country to another.


So, basically, free Kindle books.

They also have this page with useful links that have all sorts of deals, not just for books. So, ya know, go ahead and bookmark it.

I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with Pixel of Ink. Just wanted to share an awesome new site.

They’re also on Facebook.

Happy reading!!

Savings, Dealios, Etc etc

Hello my loves,
I LOVE a good sale & I know that you do too!  This post is just to share with you some of the ‘sale’ sites that I have bookmarked, justincase you haven’t already signed up for a FREE account.

You never know when that perfect item that you need for your kitchen/trip/personal style/work wardrobe/date night outfit/whatever your heart desires will be on sale so why don’t you just sign up for these?

I suggest (if you want to keep it separate) creating a GMail account just for sales, surveys, etc that you can then tack on to your main account so it’ll be convenient but not in your face.

Here are a few:

Special for Moms & Mom-t0-Bes:

Totsy – Why you will love Totsy

  • Exclusive sales for kids, moms and families
  • Sales last up to 3 days, plenty of time to shop.
  • Savings of up to 90% off retail.
  • A tree is planted for your first purchase.
  • Membership is free
  • 100% green.

Zulily – Daily deals for moms, babies & kids.

Other goodies – I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this site. All their sales are fantastic and their referral program is kick-ass. There’s something for EVERYONE.



Rue La La (You can also get savings from UPromise when you shop from Rue La La)

HauteLook (Savings from UPromise)


One Kings Lane (Home decor)

Gilt (Also provides Upromise savings)

Beyond the Rack

Billion Dollar Babes

the Foundary

The Sample Sale

That, my loves, is all that I have for right now. I will also have a blog post on coupon blogs that I love soon!

Much love!

Today’s Deals – 4/15/2010

Tip: Create an email account to use ONLY for signing up for free samples, etc. That way, your inbox isn’t bombarded with deals and you have a place to go to for all your freebies/offers/deals.

I know you guys LOVE getting 90% off Authentic Designer Brand items? Right? Right. So sign up at Modnique and don’t miss crazy deals. You might be able to find a $200 dress for $20 like I have.

Love jeans? Sign up for the Levi’s newsletter to be the first to find out about deals!

For those of you who love to keep their showers clean…I’ve been wanting to try this…Now you can too! (I can’t click on this link from work. Can someone try it and let me know if it’s more than just giving an addy for a sample and/or coupon? If it requires a purchase, etc, I’ll take it down. Thanks!)

I LOVE Vista Print and I love them even more with deals like these (including 250 FREE business cards. That’s right):

It’s travel season! You know it’s true…I spend a lot of time looking for deals online for flights…Why not bring the deals right into your inbox?

And last but not least…It’s TaxDay! Here is a list of deals/freebies.

Also, follow me on Twitter…I usually send out a tweet about these deals when I find out about them.


Amenities Not Included

For the last few months, Craig’s List owned me. Every morning, every night and every free moment in between, I would refresh the Apt/Housing for Rent section for new listings.



“Pet friendly!” “Charming!” “Amazing deal!”

The subjects lured me in. Those that didn’t list a price in the subject drove me insane. Why torture me?

The people who listed homes in Germantown, MD in the Washington, DC section infuriated me. No, you are not in DC. You are a 90 minutes commute from DC. FLAGGED!

Once they lured me into their ad, it was time to read very carefully.

Look for pictures. If there were no pictures, I became very suspicious. Oh, that’s an ugly carpet.

Why isn’t there a full address? How can I google map this? I don’t want to live in Trinidad!

What’s the rent? What about the utilities? Parking?!

Why would you write your classified ad like a personal ad? I don’t want to date you. I want to live in your unit. Give me the important details! Is it close to the metro? Which metro? Is there parking? Who lives upstairs (if it’s a basement)? Are they loud? Quiet? Have animals and/or smokers lived in this house? How old are the amenities?

I emailed countless places asking these questions if they weren’t answered in the ad.

Finally, we found a place. It was right down the street from where I live now, first unit in a row house with hardwood floors. Plenty of light & space. Quaint kitchen and CLEAN bathroom. A small den that we could turn into a pantry since the kitchen was small. Off-street parking for the Boy. A small front porch. Incredible rent. All utilities included. Close to the metro.

The only catch?

There is no Washer/Dryer or Dishwasher in the unit. In my head, that wasn’t an issue but I discussed it with the Boy.  I could live without a dishwasher because with two people, dishes don’t pile up. Could we live without a W/D? I was already imagining washing our clothes in the bathtub and drying them on a clothesline.


I’m old school like that. I am by no means a 1950s housewife but I don’t mind washing clothes by hand. In fact, I prefer it. Same with dishes.  Call me old-fashioned but there’s something satisfying about it.

We decided that the place was worth making the sacrifice. We sent in our application and within the week, we were approved.

We are making a home and yes, in that home, there will be certain luxuries missing.

I don’t mind.

Would you?

What are must-haves when you are looking to rent a place?

What was your first apartment like?

Could you survive without a dishwasher and/or W/D?

What is the most ridiculous experience you’ve had when looking for a place to live?

Fashion Lovers, Check This Out

So, I have TWO weddings to go to in the next 3 months, and two birthday parties (mine and a friend’s) and possible other events in between…but I have to save money for rent (which is doubling) and tuition (yay education) so I can’t exactly go out and spend a lot of money on dresses…

But I’m spoiled and want to wear this ADORABLE $1,850 dress.

And I just might be able to…thanks to Rent the Runway!

Rent the Runway is a BRILLIANT website but it’s very EXCLUSIVE…

Lucky for you, I have the ability to get you IN.

Use THIS link to sign up for the site and take a peek around…

Who knows? That perfect dress for the next company function with the big wigs could be waiting for you. (Plus, who doesn’t love looking at pretty dresses?)

**I will be returning to regular blogging very soon, I promise.**

New Fashion Obsession & $50 Gift Card

Lately, I find myself going to Lulu’s more and more frequently. I can’t help it! Their clothes are amazing, prices wonderful and the sales? Oh the sales…

For example, when I saw these denim ballet flats for only $21.50, I couldn’t resist!

And these gorgeous pumps…

My new obsession?

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE hats. I mean…LOVE.

Hats aren’t the only fabulous items at Lulu’s…

They have a whole Vintage section, as well as ADORABLE dresses

They also have plenty of big and bold accessories for those of you who love to make a statement…

Why am I telling you all this? One, because I love to share my obsessions and two…

One of you could have a chance to win a $50 gift card to Lulu’s!

For a chance to win, you need to:

1) Go to Lulu’s and pick 3 items to create an outfit.


The strange thing is that the more comments my blogs get, the bigger chance you have of winning the gift card.

Trust me on this.

The Present Conundrum

It’s that time of year.

Talk of presents are everywhere. Retailers are having as many deals as they can afford to because they want to appeal most to the consumer.  Holidays are stressful enough in solid times but when it comes to the middle of a recession, consumerism takes a big hit.

Of course we all want to give presents to ones we love to make them smile…By this, I mean personal presents that will actually be useful to them and prove that you are in tune with where they are in life, what they like and how they view presents.

Do you go for the extravagant presents or the low-key gift cards? Hand made? Can you afford presents for everyone you love? Do you have to buy presents for coworkers if you work at a small office? What about parties…can you afford to take a bottle of wine to every party you are invited to? And the shipping?

The Wall Street’s The Juggle blog addresses this issue and added that “For many families, there’s also the matter of tipping doorman, giving cash or other gifts for nannies and regular babysitters and even the annual check for the newspaper delivery man or the hairdresser.”

I’ll be honest: I will NOT be buying a present for anyone this year. Period. I don’t want to buy one present for my friend while I can’t afford one for another.  I may send out cards but this year, I’m opting out.

I’ve never been one to go crazy over presents and even on my birthday, I say “No thanks”…but I know that some people are the type to buy presents regardless…so I guess this is where I give you a link to my Amazon wishlist but I haven’t even taken the time to create one…So if you really want to make me smile and you love reading this blog, you can feel free to make a donation so I don’t have to shut down the blog. My blog is my baby and the present you can give me is to keep it going another year.

If you are doing a lot of holiday shopping this year, you should read this article on How to Manage Holiday Shopping from The Wall Street Journal:

Retailers this year didn’t fire all of their best shots on the traditional opening weekend after Thanksgiving. Electronics, apparel, department, warehouse and even grocery stores have a number of strategically planned promotions on tap from now until Christmas, retail companies and analysts say.

“Every weekend is going to be Black Friday weekend,” says Marshall Cohen, chief industry analyst for retail consultant NPD Group.

But last-minute shoppers should take heed: If you see something you like and the price sounds good, get it because it might not be there later. Retailers want to avoid the panic-induced sales they had to institute last year to clear holiday merchandise so they are keeping much tighter reins on inventory. As a result, consumers will see fewer sweaters and home goods on shelves and coats and pants on racks.

Last-Minute Shoppers Lose Out

“This is not the year to play chicken with retailers,” says Scott Krugman, vice president for the National Retail Federation. “If you’re a last-minute shopper, you’re going to be disappointed.”

How are you handling gift-giving this year?  Are presents really that important as we enter a new decade? As a 20-something, how do you prioritize your receiver list when the Holidays roll around?

Any tips/traditions you want to share for making presents?

Dress Me Up!

OK, let’s edit this…The Flapper girl idea was because my friend is doing that and we were just going to have the guys be gangstas…and I can’t really think of anything BUT if you can come up with a creative idea that I can pull off…I’ll take it under consideration. It doesn’t have to be a ‘couple’ idea…Just ME!

OK, so it’s my first Halloween dressing up. I’m going to be in Boston (Hopefully) and I THOUGHT I was going to do 1920’s Flapper girl…Then I started looking at costumes (Baaaaaaaad idea)

Because I see this, which is around $90

Imagine me with a black bob
Imagine me with a black bob

And then I see this

OK, can the girl look any LESS gansta?
OK, can the girl look any LESS gansta?

I kinda love this, minus the non-matching hat

Hot? Hot.
Hot? Hot.

And then…I see THIS


And then…

Because lets face it...Im the Princess of Hearts
Because let's face it...I'm the Princess of Hearts

Rosie thinks I should get this:

Robyn da Hood?
Robyn da Hood?

Of course, I could always go the Muslim girl does skanky nun and goes to hell route.

Express-way to Hell anyone?
Express-way to Hell anyone?

What do you guys think?