Vampires, Mockingjays, Writers, and Giveaways

When I first heard about Vampire Diaries, I cringed. I said “Hahaha, no” because, let’s be honest: We’ve all been a little scarred about vampires in today’s pop culture thanks to a sparkling, brooding one we all know and hate.

Then it was on Netflix. As someone who works from home and needs background noise during the day, I figured, why not? It’d play on the background and I wouldn’t have to pay attention because I’d probably end up hating it anyway.

I really should know better.

I finished the first two seasons in 5ish days. Because that’s how I do shows. I marathon, I obsess and then if the show is no longer on the air, go through withdrawals. Lucky for me, there’s a new episode of Vampire Diaries tonight because I need my Damon fix.

Speaking of obsessions, did you guys know that Hunger Games movie is coming out? I mean, in case you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know. And if you’re on any of my social networks, you’re also aware of my obsession.

I have never gone to a midnight screening of a movie.


You bet your sweet ass that I will be buying my tickets early and going to the midnight show for this movie, because, I’m a little obsessed.

I even have a “May the odds be ever in your favor” bracelet.

I will, more than likely, read the books again before the movie comes out.

In case you missed it, there’s a new trailer for it.

Moving on, I have two announcements:

1) If you’re a freelance writer looking for work, or know of someone who’s looking for work, I need a few great writers for a few of my clients. All the information can be found in this post.

2) I have an AWESOME giveaway for you guys on Monday. Get ready because you’re going to love it.

I know I’ve been MIA lately but what’s going on in your world?  How did the first month of 2012 treat ya? 

How to Avoid Ruining Shows on Twitter

*I originally wrote this post back in 2009 but from a few complaints I’ve seen on Twitter already, it was worth reposting*

Everything is instant and we’re all connected globally.

So what happens when our Twitter feed has the potential to ruin our night of television?

Back in the day, when I did reviews, I’d wait to post a review blog on TV show until the west coast had aired it…and even then, the title and the first five lines of the blog would read: SPOILERS!! STOP RIGHT THERE!! giving the reader plenty of warning.

Where’s the warning on our Twitter feed? How about Facebook?

I made the mistake last week, during the episode of Glee, to Tweet lines while watching the show live. Realizing my mistake, I then tweeted @ those users that I knew were watching it at the same time but then you run into the problem of having common friends who can still see your Twitter feed. Even if you give fair warning, the instant Twitter feed will quickly bury your warning tweet. If a friend is following 500 people, your tweets probably won’t stand out too much but what if you’re just one of 20?

Posting REACTIONS are different than actually narrating the show itself. “Whoa, what just happened?” will incite excitement and anticipation for the friend who has yet to watch the episode over “Wow, I cannot believe she just threw a rock in his window!” will make them resent you for ruining a surprising moment.

Be considerate and wary of the people that you share your daily insights with…Here are a few tips on not alienating your friends during Fall 2011:

1) Find out which of your readers watch the same shows you do. Send out a poll tweet to get an idea.
2) Be aware of the time zones that your friends live in.
3) Use your direct messaging/IM. Keep the spoilers out of the public timeline. (One of my favorite things to do is chat on IM with a friend who’s watching the same show as me, especially for shows like Glee)
4) Give reactions to the show without giving away plot details. (Quotes are usually OK during comedies, as long as you aren’t giving away a surprise)
5) On Facebook, consider opening up a running note to talk about the show with those watching it at the same time, instead of posting status messages.
5) ENJOY THE SHOW! You can tweet/facebook about it the next day!

A Tweet is not a blog…There’s nowhere to bury the content.

Remember that as excited as YOU are to watch the new episode of your favorite show, so is everyone else who is a fan. We’re all busy people with very different schedule.

We integrate our lives with each other instantly on Twitter & Facebook. Let’s extend the consideration and remember the golden rule: NO SPOILERS.

Is this a problem that you’ve run into? Do you have any other tips/suggestions/complaints?

Ten on Tuesday: Randomness

I have a ton of to tell you guys, but no time to do it! I promise I’ll get a real blog post up this week but for today, I’m snatching this from the lovely Nora! Ten on Tuesday is hosted by Chelsea and this week’s questions are from Lisa.

1. If you work, do you drive to work or take public transportation?
It really depends on the day.  Some mornings, Andrew drives me to work but I usually end up taking the metro (or walking from halfway if the metro is just atrocious). As much as I love to drive, parking fees in D.C. are awful so I can’t afford to drive and park everyday now.

2. How often do you get your haircut? Do you go to the same person every time?
Not as often as I should!  I go about every 3 months, unless I get the urge to try something new (like hack it all off!). I used to always get it cut by the same person in high school & college but since moving to the city, I’ve been trying out different hair dressers.

3. Do you read the newspaper? If so, a hardcopy or the online version?

I read the online version unless I happen to grab the newspaper at the office.

4. What is the best book you have read this year?

*Sigh* I haven’t read any books this year…Check back with me in May.

5. What is the best movie you have seen this year?
I haven’t been watching that many movies lately either! Hop was super cute though.

6. Do you tend to crave sweet or salty foods?
It really depends on my mood and what my body is doing at any given day.  Sometimes I crave a combination of both but lately, it’s been more salty than sweet.

7. Do you eat breakfast every day? If so, what do you have?

Lately, yes. I either have a bowl of Special K cereal or yogurt.

8. If you celebrate Easter, what Easter treat/candy are you most looking forward to?
I don’t celebrate Easter but I’m looking forward to all the candy being 75% AFTER Easter.

9. How late is “sleeping in” to you?

It really depends on the day and how late I was up the night before. If I was up till 4 in the morning, I’ll probably end up sleeping in till 9 or 10ish.

10. Where are you going on your next vacation?
Seattle! I’m going camping with my Numbah 2 and all of my west coast loves in July.

*If you miss me on days I don’t blog, go fan my Facebook page. I try to have a daily discussion up there everyday to keep the conversation going and check in on you guys 🙂 Today we’re talking about music. Yesterday was books!

Sunday Thoughts

It’s been a while since I blogged and that feels strange to me. This past week was the week from hell. I’ve always had problems with tooth pain and since I haven’t had my wisdom teeth taken out just yet, they’ll occasionally act out. This past week, they decided to put me through the worst pain possible while hitting me with an ear infection. Let’s just say pain killers and antibiotics were my best friend.

In the meantime, while I was dying from pain, I had the best blog ideas go through my mind with absolutely no energy to formulate the words.

Hopefully, once I’m caught up on homework, finish midterms and get caught up on work, I can find the words once again.

Despite the pain, and the stress of not getting much work done during the week, I’m feeling pretty good. I took about 100 steps backwards when I found myself sinking into the same quicksand that was my emotional home 4 years ago. A good friend told me that I was backtracking way too much and needed to snap out of it quickly.

So I did.

I’m the kind of person that is fully aware of every thought that goes through her head so I analyze every feeling. Sometimes, the number of steps I’ve taken forward in my life and how I have the happiness I never thought was real throws me off. It’s hard to accept it at times and I wait for the other shoe to drop. I see traits of my old self in other people around me and it feels like an out-of-body experience.

I’m a different person yet the same.

The word ‘maturity’ gets thrown around a lot between my friends who have known me for years.

All I know is that I really like who I am, and where my life is going. Oh and ya know, having an amazing boyfriend who loves me and supports me more than I deserve (at times) is pretty awesome too.

I’m also reminded, daily, that I have the most amazing friends and even though new people will enter my life, none can ever replace the bond and love that we share across the miles and years.

On the random side of things:

– The Boy & I ordered the XBox Kinect. I am SO excited!

– I started a finished a book this week. It has been so long since I’ve read a book, and it felt so good. I need to do that more often.

– We went to see Megamind (3D) last night…It was really cute and funny. I just…should’ve been more sober for the first half of the movie.
– I <3 Peppermint White Mochas.
– I will be working on a financial blog once everything is caught up with work and school. A lot of people have been asking me for tips on budgeting, etc and I know that I owe Mister J. Money a guest post so that’s on my list of things to do in the next month or so.
– I’m slowly but surely catching up with my Google Reader so I apologize if I’ve sucked at commenting lately. But I’m reading.
The Walking Dead is so amazingly awesome. I cannot wait for the new episode tonight!
– I miss NY. A LOT. I need to write a NYC blog post.

How was YOUR week? What’s new in your world?

Despicable Me, Unicorns, Minions and Smart Phones

I’m a kid at heart. I love watching movies like ‘Happy Feet’ and ‘Madagascar’, giggling at stupid jokes and squeeing over the cuteness that are the characters in those movies.

So when I saw a trailer for Despicable Me, I KNEW I had to see it. There was no doubt in my mind.

1) There were the MINIONS.

2) A little girl going “It’s so FLUFFY. I’m gonna DIE”

Obviously I squealed with joy everytime I saw the trailers and really hoped that the movie would NOT disappoint.

Tuesday night, the Boy and I headed over to Chinatown for a 9:30 showing. After we grabbed our dinner (the new Angus Mini-hotdogs. YUMMY), we took our seats and the one of us immediately had to go to the bathroom. *cough*

Enjoying movies like this, I of course also love the previews.

During the previews, there was also an announcement to download the Best Buy Movie App for a special treat during the credits after the movie. The Boy immediately made me download it.

“Do it!”

“OK. Shh.”

“Doooooooo it.”

*glare in the dark*

When you download the app, it tells you to turn your phone on silence, and that it will notify you via vibration when it’s time to use the app and then DIMS THE SCREEN. *win*

So the movie began, and I was immediately in love. The 3-D wasn’t overly in your face, the graphics were awesome and the characters were really well developed.

The minions were the cutest!

It was decided immediately that I am, without a doubt, Agnes. (IT’S SO FLUFFY) and the Boy is a mix between Gru and the Minions. (If you’ve met him, you’ll understand).

While funny and cute, the movie had a heart-warming side to it that wasn’t in your face. “LOOK! A MORAL LESSON! RUB RUB RUB”.

It was tastefully done and they definitely paid attention to the details (minions’ actions in the background, etc).

In the end, I knew that this was a movie I would immediately purchase when it comes out on DVD.

When the credits started rolling, my phone vibrated to let me know that the Minions would come on-screen. I will not ruin the special surprise but what the app does is translate what the Minions are saying on your phone screen! It was worth the download and I’m told that when the movie comes out on DVD, the app will translate throughout the entire movie as opposed to just the credits. As a movie-watcher picky about distractions, I found this to be tastefully done and the dimming of my phone screen was what won me over for this app. I’m looking forward to how they use this in future productions.

After the movie, the Boy and I headed home.  While I was crossing the street and talking about the movie, this following scene happened:
The Boy: Watch out for the car. It’ll hurt more than running into a pole.
Me: That’s why I have a hat on! To protect my head!

When we got home, I immediately went on-line to look for Minion toys and movie posters.  While surfing the posters, I came across one with the Minions that made me squeal because I thought it was in the Minion language.

Me: “It’s in the Minion language!”
The Boy: “Get it!”
Me: “Oh wait, no, that’s Russian.”

Since we saw the movie, we’ve continually laughed about it at random moments. One of those moments led to us having a discussion about what would happen if we could adopt one.

Me: I want a Minion!

The Boy: Find out where we can get one and I will get you one.

Me: But one wouldn’t be as entertaining.

The Boy: Fine, we’ll get two but I have to be able to take one to work a couple of days a week.

Me: But then I’ll only have one left at home. *pout*

The Boy: Alright, we’ll get three.

Me: Sweet!

The Boy: But that’ll be harder to manage. If we have 2, we can watch both of them and know where they are. It’s that third one we have to worry about…you know, the one that the other two will make fun of and shun. That’s the one that’ll disappear and decide to get ‘creative’ and then boom. There goes the kitchen.

Me: *speechless*

The gem of all things Minion came the other night:

The Boy: You know, the Minions are the sperm of short bus riders.

This is why I love this man.

If you haven’t seen Despicable Me yet,  I HIGHLY recommend it!

What are your favorite CGI/animation movies?

The Dude Abides

Last night, the missing puzzle piece in my life for the past year was revealed.

See, my roommates have a tendency to quote lines from this movie in everyday conversation…constantly. Just like I think in Friends references, they think in “Dude”

I finally watched The Big Lebowski.

And I get it.


I’m in the circle.

And I want to be Jesus. I even have the purple shoes for it.

Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules? Mark it zero!

So That Happened

I’m supposed to be studying but I have these words in my brain that are just ready to jump ship so I have to take a bloggy break. (Just don’t tell the Boy. It’ll be our secret*.)

Compared to last year, when my biggest worry was work and OHMYGOD, MOVING OUT, my life is full, to say the least.  Between things getting crazy at work, schoolwork, finally picking up freelance projects, gymming it when I can and ya know, being in a relationship, there are days I wonder if time passes literally in the blink of an eye.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining.

But…it’s quite possible that I am getting even weirder than I have been.

For example, if you have been paying attention the last few days, you’ll know that I redesigned my site…and that I wrote an ‘about me’ page (FINALLY). I always struggle with writing about myself so I used the third person approach.  The piece itself turned out fine. The weird part?

When I was proof-reading it, in my [crazy] head, I heard Jeremy Piven reading it as an obituary, just like the one he read about John Cusack in Serendipity.

Yeah. I don’t know either.

So here’s a picture of Jeremy Piven

You know what is not crazy but awesome?

Going to see Boondock Saints on the big screen, thanks to Fathom Events. Troy Duffy may have butchered the second one (which I will never ever ever ever see again) but the first remains a classic.

Do you believe in serendipity?

What is the most random/crazy thought you’ve had lately? (So I don’t feel so alone in my little world)

If you could see an old movie on the big screen again, what would it be and why?

*Shortly after I posted this blog, I got a text from the Boy that said “I’m going to shoot you!”…Oops…busted.

‘Life Starts With The Orgasm’

This Christmas weekend, I:

-Watched Inglorious Basterds and the Hangover with my family. (First time my mom has watched anything that’s not Turkish in almost 2 years.)

– Ordered Chinese food on Christmas day.

-Watched Extract and Julie & Julia by myself in my room (at my parents’)

-Did NOT work out.

-Did NOT murder my family.

-Spent the weekend seeing friends and then bumming with my boyfriend.

-Gave him his presents, which he LOVED, and watched more movies. (District 9 and Up In the Air)

– Got my first Christmas present from him…which I LOVED and then broke by accident…almost cried…but he had a spare chain so it’s all good.

– Played around with my BRAND NEW BLACKBERRY! If you want my PIN, catch me on FB or send me a DM on Twitter

-Enjoyed the peace of celebrating our first Christmas and our 3 month all in one weekend (Looking forward to much much more.)

– Realized that I am pretty much a homebody and am quite content doing low-key things as long as I’m with people I love.

I can’t wait for…


– An epic weekend with some of my favorite people.

– Entering a new decade with the love of my life.

Starting school full-time again.

– Getting my bonus check.

Starting up some of these projects I have in mind.

Rocking the shit out of 2010.

And now…for some #best09 answers

Trip – BOSTON!! I’d never been to Boston before so my Halloween trip up there was awesome! (Cheers to Beantown)

Book A Time Traveler’s Wife is definitely a book that stood out this year…I read it two times in about 5 days and look forward to reading it many more times during my lifetime.

Night Out#pbandtuna had to be one of the best nights of my life! Not only was I there with some of the most awesome bloggers and great friends but that weekend was the birth of the CINNABUNNEHS.

Blog Find of the Year – Just one? No…I couldn’t pick just one. All of my DC lovahs, my CINNABUNNEHS (see above) and all the awesome people I’ve found through 20SB, other blogs and random chance.

Moment of PeaceWhen I finally stopped denying, and accepted that sometimes, I need help.

Challenge – Moving out. I already wrote on this prompt here

The Best PlaceThe Starbucks in Chinatown. It’s the place where we first met, the Starbucks that’s open the latest close to my house and an escape.

New FoodThis isn’t really a fancy cuisine…it’s simple, it’s comforting and I love that I discovered it…

What’s the best change you made to the place you live? – I left.

RushWhen I almost died

We were enjoying ourselves when we looked back and saw that we were getting pretty far from the shore so we decided to swim back. Now, usually, I can handle a strong current but I think I underestimated just how tired my body was physically from this past week. We started to swim back but it felt like no matter how much I swam, I was going backward…when I looked up and saw Stephanie about 20 feet ahead of me, I started to panic and tried to swim harder. When I couldn’t move closer at all, I went into a full panic attack and saw Stephanie waving to the lifeguard. I couldn’t breathe and I was kicking hard, trying to stay above water and it felt like the lifeguard didn’t come next to me for an hour (even though it was just a couple of minutes). He pulled me back to shore but my panic attack didn’t stop until I hit my towel so the swim back was painful and hard. Stephanie said the entire ordeal, from us going in the water to me getting pulled back to shore took only 16 minutes. It definitely felt like a lifetime…That had to be one of the scariest moments of my life. Needless to say, I didn’t go near the water at all for the rest of the day.

Word or phrase – Metamorphosis

Car ride My first road trip EVER!

New Person – My LiLu

When I moved into the city, she didn’t hesitate for a second to gather all the local bloggers in a “Freedom Happy Hour” for me.

When I was freaking out and got hurt, she was there to listen to me endlessly…making me laugh and showing me support.

She is humble, honest, and real. Sometimes intimidating, sometimes downright scary if she’s upset.

She is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing, down to earth, motherfucking real women I have met in my entire life. I’m honored to call her vulgar ass a GREAT friend…Slowly becoming one of my best.

I love her to the moon & back…Farting and telling poop stories on the way.

Learning experience – I’m allowed to feel pain. I’m allowed to let go. I’m allowed to retreat and most of all…I’m allowed to be selfish once in a while.

Gift – I gave myself a chance to take a risk and live.

Insight or aha! moment – Everything falls into place when the time is right…all you have to do is wait for the timer.

Social Web Moment – Meeting some of my favorite bloggers during various moments over the year. Just look at my DC Living tag and check out the good times.

How was your Christmas? Get anything good? Give anything good?

What are you looking forward to in the next few weeks?

Any plans for NYE?


Best part of blogging is supporting each other when life throws us curveballs. Please read Brandy’s plea and keep her and her guy in your thoughts this holiday season.


I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen

Even on my lamest day I am AWESOME.

And yes, this is exactly how I’m starting out my week.

This weekend was really low-key but I realized that I love being domestic. Since my mom is out of the country, I’m cooking for my dad and I. On Saturday, I made a sauteed chicken salad (Was going to be fried chicken salad but whatevs, I got lazy) that was super yummy and healthy for both of us. Sunday, not only did I make dinner for Sunday (Lamb chops and rice anyone?), I proceeded to prepare dinner for Monday night so that it’ll be good and ready for us before we settle down to watch House.

When did I become so domestic? I used to think I liked baking more than cooking but cooking is growing on me…I’m thinking a cabbage dish for Tuesday night.

When I wasn’t spending my time being domestic, I was being awesome on being a farmer on Facebook. That’s right bitches. I love FarmVille. Don’t judge me.

Not only do I love FarmVille, I also downloaded a great game called Heroes of Might and Magic 3. I love this game…I used to play it all the time and damn it, I spent hours playing it Saturday night. Why? Because I am AWESOME.

Friday night, however, was all about my love, John Cusack. Somehow, I’d never seen Grosse Pointe Blank (Thank god for the movie collection the roomies and I have at the house)…so I decided to make it a double…Grosse Pointe Blank and Say Anything. I don’t know what it is about that man but John Cusack just makes me weak in the knees.

Lloyd Dobler: [leaving the last of a series of messages on Diane’s answering machine] “Maybe I didn’t really know you. Maybe you were just a mirage. Maybe the world is full of food and sex and spectacle and we’re all just hurling towards an apocalypse, in which case it’s not your fault. I’m been thinking about all these things and… you’re probably standing there monitoring. And one more thing – about the letter. Nuke it. Flame it. Destroy it. – It hurts me to know it’s out there. Later.”

Martin: “What am I gonna say? ‘I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How have you been?'”

You know what else is awesome? Hoodies.

You know what else is awesome? Bill Engvall talking about ‘bad wiener days’.

Tell me…what’s AWESOME? (Besides me of course…)

Just Dance the Sh*t Out of It

There are few moments in my life when I feel incredibly carefree and alive.

Dancing is one of those moments.

I’ve always wanted to dance…Always. Growing up, being from a country like Turkey, feeling the music and expressing myself through dance is ingrained in who I am. Anytime there was a gathering of a few people, there was always music and dancing. During my teen years, I belly-danced and I’ve been dying to take dance lessons…Everything from ballroom to latin to hip-hop. Any music that moves my soul will move my body…and get me to that place where all of my cares have been stripped away…and nothing else matter but the music and that moment.

I have gone dancing twice in the last few weeks and each time, nothing mattered. I can dance for hours…HOURS without giving a second thought to who’s around me, and who might be watching. It is MY moment, MY freedom…No one can taint it.

Which is why I love Debbie for sending me that coupon a couple of weeks ago for dance classes…I will be taking 4 classes to figure out what I love the most NOW and then pursue it. Because it is never too late to start living for me.

Given my love for dance, it is no surprise that dance movies have a special place for me. Grease, being my favorite movie, holds a special place in my heart but I’d have to say my all-time favorite has to be Save the Last Dance. I remember watching it at my best friend Jackie’s house…I’ve watched it many…MANY times since high school and the feeling I get is still the same. (All or Nothing is one of my favorite songs thanks to this movie)

Another one I just LOVE is Center Stage…as well as Take the Lead and of course Step Up, along with the classics.

And this one is courtesy of mah Number 2

Dirty Dancing – Final Dance Scene

What are your favorite dance scenes in movies?

Answers so far:

@DisposablePal: my favorite is a tie between the Uma/Travolta dance in Pulp Fiction and the Mr. Blonde dance/torture scene in Reservoir Dogs

@Shineoutloud: I’m going to have to say the dance class or last dance in Center Stage. Or the scene with the thumbs (mambo) in Dirty Dancing

@KatyComeTrue: “Bet On It” from “HSM” & “Carryin’ the Banner” from “Newsies”

Lan: The big one in Moulin Rouge

Meghan: Tango scene in The Scent of a Woman; The Breakfast Club