I’m really awkward. Especially if I’m seeing a second cousin for the first time in 10 years. Especially if we were super close when we were younger but I’ve barely talked to him in those 10 years. Especially if he is now studying in the US, living with my parents and is a little judgmental of the fact that I’ve moved out.

What do I do when I’m awkward?

Give him an awkward hug when I walk in the door and avoid him for the next 10 minutes  as I talk to my dad as if he isn’t sitting there 10 feet away from me.

Awkward. Very awkward.

The rest of the day was fine. My brother and I took him shopping, and got him a new phone and all that jazz. He was very grateful for all of my help. I’m glad he’s here but at the same time…


People change a lot over time. Especially in 10 years. Especially if we grew up on two different continents. Especially if my entire family is against the fact that I moved out.

He was under the impression that I was now living hours away from my family and was completely disconnected. My dad told him that I was 15 minutes away and came home to see them every week and it was just a decision I made for myself.

We talked about what I was studying, which was cool because he has a Journalism degree but then again, my Turkish vocabulary isn’t as good as it should be.  It’s worse when I’m feeling awkward.

On a not so awkward note, I was glad and comforted by the fact that even though we’re older, he had the same mannerisms, which was familiar to me.

I’m really glad he’s here but I don’t think I’m going to get any less awkward around him but I will certainly try.

In not-so-family related news, I’m around but notsomuch. Classes, work, writing articles, being sick, being lame, etc have kept me from being around and reading/writing blogs, etc. I will hopefully be back in full swing of the e-life at some point in the next couple of weeks.

9 thoughts on “Awkward.

  1. I hope you get to feeling better, for realz. It sucks to keep getting sick again and again.
    .-= SillyJaime´s last blog ..HATE! =-.
    .-= SillyJaime´s last blog ..HATE! =-.


    1. At least a year. Longer if he ends up doing his Master’s.

      I really do like having him around but my whole situation of being out of the house and living on my own makes it even more awkward.


  2. Certainly sounds awkward. Maybe it’ll get better as you see him more often. I moved away almost three years ago and now it’s way awkward seeing any relatives back home … and it’s only been three years!
    .-= MinD´s last blog ..37 years. =-.
    .-= MinD´s last blog ..37 years. =-.


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