“You’re Letting HIM Post on Your Blog” Tour ’11

Hi.  My name is Peter. I write things.  I am currently on a guest-blogging tour.  DC PrincessQ offered to let me post on her blog.  Mwahahahaaa hee hee.  I asked for a writing prompt.  She said, “Penguin Posse.”  Well played.  This is what I came up with…

if i was in a penguin posse
i’d probably demand to be leader
and tell people
i’m the handsome one
i’m like that
but there’d be grief, yo
my flightless homies
complaining that i have
my girlfriend around too much
you’re still with her?
we mate for life!!
do you guys not
watch animal planet?
and look at her cute
little penguin bum and…
hey don’t look at that!
there is always one penguin
challenging your role as leader
as things get heated
don’t you slap
your flippers against your sides
at me”
“YOUR mother is an
elephant seal”
“who died and made you
an emperor penguin?”
it’d be a whole thing
we eventually turned to crime
as most penguin posses do
we’d terrorize shipping lanes
i’d lead us on a raid
we’d get a container of ipods
and my rival would scoff
bitch is like that
do we even have ears?
well of course–
penguin posses are tough
and scary
what with our
“southern hemisphere 4 lyfe” tattoos
people should fear
a well-organized
penguin posse
not nearly as much
as they should fear
christian conservatives

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