You Gotta Tip on the Tightrope

Some days, you just wake up with the intention of taking on the day, regardless of that weird dream you had which made you uneasy.

You turn up the music, push your boyfriend out the door and set out to conquer the day.

I’ll be honest.Β  It hasn’t been me lately but today?

Today is my day.

I am not sure which switch went off in me but I’m finally getting back to my normal self. The “Take No Prisoners, You Can Do Anything” self. The girl who jumps in and asks questions later. The girl who is ready to take the world by the balls.

I may not be at the top of my game lately. I get that. In fact, some people have chosen to identify my behavior as ‘rude’ because I was withdrawn and distanced myself from friends.

A good friend put it best: “It’s not personal, it’s just having to pick up all your pieces before trying to hold them together in front of other people.”

This is me. Finally having picked up some of my pieces enough to feel confident enough to show myself again.

I’ve been working since I was 16 and I’ve always been afraid of not having a job. After I moved out last year, my biggest fear was losing my job and having to move back to my parents’ house.

So when I lost my job, I freaked out but something in me was stirring.

With the help of my amazing boyfriend and the best support group a girl can ask for, I finally realized what it is I want.

I don’t want a full-time office job being someone’s assistant (Unless it’s PR/Communications and I am LEARNING.)

I’ve always wanted an internship but not being your usual college student, I never had the opportunity. To be honest, my parents just didn’t understand.

They still don’t but this is my life.

So I have a new career path. New goals. Renewed DRIVE.

It’s OK to start up small. It’s OK if I don’t have a full-time job as long as I can make ends meet and I am HAPPY.

I have a full-time job building a lifetime of memories.

I have a full-time job going after my dreams.

I have a full-time job kicking ass at everything I do.

The rest?

The rest always falls into place.


12 thoughts on “You Gotta Tip on the Tightrope

    1. Thank you!! And good luck with your job hunt! I have a couple of leads. Let’s talk πŸ™‚


  1. Even when you don’t have all your pieces together… even when you don’t feel like “you”… even when your worst dreams come true, you are still the coolest, kick-ass girl that I know. Big hugs and lots o’ luck.


  2. Good luck! πŸ™‚ Picking up pieces is important; putting them back together in a way that makes you happy is even more important.


  3. woo! I hope you get the internship! BTW, I like that quote so much I’d like to use it on my art twitter feed (@wavianarts): β€œIt’s not personal, it’s just having to pick up all your pieces before trying to hold them together in front of other people.” Yeah, this is me too, lately.


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