Yet Another Change

“I put in my resignation this morning.”

Although I was surprised, the news didn’t feel like news to me. I knew it was coming, yet I still lost the ability to form a complete sentence.

“What…I mean, what hap–…did something happen to…I mean, I had a feeli–…what happened?”

I knew it was coming. He hadn’t been happy and a great opportunity came up. Yet in my happiness for this opportunity for him, I felt a wave of selfishness. Why did he have to leave right when our professional and personal relationship was becoming more stable?

I spent the first half of my year working for here avoiding walking past his office. Every time his name came up in my e-mail inbox, I dreaded opening up the message. Whenever he called me into his office, I’d wonder what I did wrong and felt my entire day slipping away from me.

Then things changed.

After my 6 month review, I started taking the initiative to talk to him more. Even if I was afraid, I pushed through that fear because I wanted to be better at my job. I wanted to learn and I knew he was the best person to teach me.

Slowly but surely, he became one of my favorite people to talk to. He was the one that encouraged me to go for a Journalism degree. When I told him about my Examiner gig, he was incredibly supportive and wanted to read my articles. The first day he read my article, he came down to my desk and said “So…Jordan Q huh? What’s the story there?” and laughed when I told him the background. He encouraged me to be a better writer.

So in my selfish moment, I joked with the hope of a positive reply from him.

“You know I’m still going to be harassing you to read my papers and help me with Journalism.”
“Oh definitely. Bring it on.”

In a couple of months, I will be turning 25 and for the first time, I have somebody I can call a true mentor…even if he will be a time zone away instead of just a couple of doors down. I’m going to miss hearing his contagious laugh echoing down the hall, as much as I’m going to miss his rants.

People come in to our lives for a reason. He was the reason I forced myself to break out of my comfort zone and learn to interact with others better, as well as going after my dreams.

Go figure…

My Communications boss teaching me how to communicate. Funny how things work out.

The manuscript of your success can’t be written in a day. Be ready to go through countless drafts and a sea of red pen marks before it reads like a masterpiece.

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