Why I Love My Friends

They suggest coloring books when I tell them I just need to clear my head.

They sit with me until 1 AM at a bar on a Tuesday night because I just can’t stop word vomiting all over the place. 

They approve of my hiccup-burp-snort-cry moments.

They don’t let up until I tell them what the f*ck is wrong even if it’s 2 am after a day of packing. 

They love me unconditionally, despite the fact that I am a hot mess.

They tell me stories about their dogs licking their butt to cheer me up.

They send me cards just because and it fills my heart with love on days when I’m feeling alone.

They don’t judge me even when I tell them things that make me a less than stellar person.

They wipe away my tears. 

I’m at a point in my life where a lot is changing, and I am so overwhelmed that I don’t know what to do with myself most of the time.  The support that I’ve gotten from the people in my life has been amazing, but at the end of day, I’ve had to make sense of my own thoughts and figure out the next steps.

I am really lucky to be surrounded by such love, even from friends who have only been in my life for the past few months but have connected with me on deeper levels.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in regularly blogging mode soon too.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love My Friends

  1. Love this – friends can be such an important part of our lives. Your friends sound totally awesome.


  2. Friends are such a bliss, wish all friends are the same, because sometimes you have to deal with the fake ones…


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