We’ll Be Back After These Messages

I have a ton of things to do (New pages to set up for writers, giveaway winnings to mail out, register for school, get serious about writing, work out, emails, letters…and everyday life) so I’m taking a little break.

I’ll still be reading…And if you know where to find me, I’ll still be around.

But this little Princess needs to step away from ‘blogging’ to get back in touch with ‘writing’.

I leave you with a quote…Inspired by one of my favorite people in the world after an incredible conversation (Well, him giving me tough love to get my shit together and me taking it because I needed to hear it).

People love us in their own ways. It’s up to us to have the strength and the courage to take the leap beyond the bullshit to let them simply love us. Just like that. — Me

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