Wasn’t the Dancing Queen 17?

Today, my brother turns 17. I’m not going to go on about how I feel about him because I did that enough here.

And forgot to mention that he is a BRAT. But I love him anyway. Because he says some funny shit to always make me laugh.

But this post isn’t going to be about him.

It’s about the fact that him turning 17 means that I am no longer 17. In fact, I haven’t been 17 for a very…very long time. When I was 17, it was at the end of my junior year in high school, going on to my senior. Surprisingly, I don’t have too many bad memories from that year. In fact, those who have known me since then (Oh holy hell, I have friends that have known me that long) will remember the good times.

My memories of being 17…I remember…

**…hours and hours of fun with my best friend Jackie. We were inseparable after jr. year.
**…working @ KMart…I spent endless Friday & Saturday nights there…but once my cowboy started working, we were unstoppable. We had way too much fun.
**…skipping class my senior year and never getting in trouble for it.
**…going to Dunkin Donuts in the morning with Jackie and walking into first period always late, if ever went at all.
**…Starbucks runs in the middle of the day.
**…AP tests and endless papers & endless meetings for honor societies and graduation.
**…having lunch in the science hall, where we planned (or not so much planned) homecoming & prom.
**…falling in love with GW…applying…being accepted with a scholarship (On my dad’s birthday)
**…homecoming with my best friend…prom with my best friend & all the awesome memories in between.
**…bowling. And movies. And walks around the lake where we spent hours talking and laughing.

**…the chair incident. Walking into our English teacher’s class in the middle of the day just to say hi…Me going to sit down in a chair and Jackie pulling it out from under me…Me ending up on my ass in front of the entire class of juniors…and busting out laughing because I hadn’t dropped my hot fudge sundae.
**…Being so confident in my insecurity.
**…Front Row in Matchbox Heaven
**…feeling complete and happy…and being hopeful about the future.

What do YOU remember being about 17?

16 thoughts on “Wasn’t the Dancing Queen 17?

  1. I remember I had a boyfriend I thought I would marry someday.
    I had friends that I thought would last forever.

    I liked being delusional at 17. It beats the hell out of being lonely and sad at 25.


  2. I was a senior. I had the world by the tail, or so I thought. My school schedule was light. I worked at a popular pizza place; competed in a county pageant; had a lead in a school musical; solos in our choir. I was a drama/choir geek, but felt like nothing could stop me.
    I never had a boyfriend, though.


  3. I remember 17…I graduated high school and started college….got left out of going to the bars cause I couldn’t get in yet!! LOL

    I enjoyed 17, but not as much as 18!! LOL


  4. Dropping acid and jumping off the swings into a winter wonderland.

    What? We all have our childhood memories…


  5. I hated 17. It was not a good year. I dropped out of IB after junior year only to end up with twice as much work as the rest of my friends. I didn’t have a single date, let alone a boyfriend. My little sister got expelled for drinking in school, and reached what was probably the height of her alcohol problem. I got made fun of by pretty much everyone.

    Yeah, awesome. So wish I could go back and repeat *that*.


  6. Sneaking out with my boyfriend and not getting caught.
    Late nights with my bff where anything and everything was an option
    The love and adoration I had for my high school drama teacher – we called her Mom and meant it.
    Skipping first period at least once a week to go to JB’s and eat hashbrowns, bacon and strawberry pie, all washed down with Dr. Pepper – and I weighed 115 pounds. *sigh*

    That’s what I remember. Feeling like I had my whole life ahead of me!


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