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Wait For The Timer

“You wouldn’t have liked me 3 weeks ago.”
“Probably not.”

You hear it all the time…

“There’s a right time for everything.”

“Be patient. The right time will come.”

But it’s hard to believe it, no matter how positive you try to stay, when the timing just doesn’t line up for you…ever. Nothing clicks the way people say it’s supposed to and you begin to wonder if it’s just a crock of bull that happy people tell the miserable, unfortunate ones to keep them at bay.

“It’s OK. It’ll happen for you, I promise. Now stop complaining and putting a damper on my happiness.”

You look at the glass as half-full when the pitcher is constantly being dumped on your head. As you are drenched in disappointment, you look around for someone to hand you a towel…only there are no dry towels…so you think that you’re doomed to be miserable forever.

No…you just have to wait for the dryer to finish its cycle.

If you try to stop it mid-cycle because you’re too anxious to dry up, all you’ll have is a damp towel that won’t do you any good…and you’ll have to start it all over again…washing it & waiting for it to dry…putting yourself back two steps for every half-step forward.

You’ll only come up empty handed and even more disappointed and frustrated than before.

Let the timer go off before you grab impatiently for a damp towel. A dry & warm one will be there for you when the time is right.

Trust me.

My life isn’t perfect but for once…I waited for the timer to go off…and am wrapped in a dry towel of hope soaking up the disappointments of yesteryear.

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