Void of Irrelevance (Poetry)

(Copyright 2008)

You know the place between fulfillment and irrelevance?

I’m sort of there right now.

When I can let go of my insecurities,
I’m really not a person that cares about material things.
When I strip away my need for attention,
all I really want is some intimate conversation
and inside jokes with friends.
What I want out of life is peace and serenity,
while making a difference.
I want every step I take to leave an impact,
even if it’s just in my life.
I want there to be laughter and sharing but
I don’t want that laughter to be in vain.

I just feel like I’m in this void where
I’m surrounded by a sea of irrelevance
Without knowing
if I have the strength to rise above it or
if I’ll get swept up in the waves.

One thought on “Void of Irrelevance (Poetry)

  1. You have captured the inner thoughts and painful feelings I have had about my life for decades. If you lived around the corner, you and I would have tonnes to share.
    All the best in your new place 🙂


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