Today’s Deals – 4/15/2010

Tip: Create an email account to use ONLY for signing up for free samples, etc. That way, your inbox isn’t bombarded with deals and you have a place to go to for all your freebies/offers/deals.

I know you guys LOVE getting 90% off Authentic Designer Brand items? Right? Right. So sign up at Modnique and don’t miss crazy deals. You might be able to find a $200 dress for $20 like I have.

Love jeans? Sign up for the Levi’s newsletter to be the first to find out about deals!

For those of you who love to keep their showers clean…I’ve been wanting to try this…Now you can too! (I can’t click on this link from work. Can someone try it and let me know if it’s more than just giving an addy for a sample and/or coupon? If it requires a purchase, etc, I’ll take it down. Thanks!)

I LOVE Vista Print and I love them even more with deals like these (including 250 FREE business cards. That’s right):

It’s travel season! You know it’s true…I spend a lot of time looking for deals online for flights…Why not bring the deals right into your inbox?

And last but not least…It’s TaxDay! Here is a list of deals/freebies.

Also, follow me on Twitter…I usually send out a tweet about these deals when I find out about them.


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