Today, I love…

…Spending the day with my best friend.

…Margaritas. Seriously. I am addicted.

…Walking around in D.C. at night, taking it all in.

…Being lazy and watching Veronica Mars on Netflix.

…Drinking homemade coffee in my favorite mug.

…The feeling of being in control of my own life.

…Eminem’s new album. LOVE THIS MAN.

…Planning my week of awesomeness.

…Downloading fonts & brushes for Photoshop. PQ Productions will be back in business in September.

…Having a super supportive boyfriend who can make me feel better even when I’m at my lowest.

…My ladies Courtni, Rosie and Meghan for sticking with me the last 5 years and proving that true friends do exist.

…Videochatting with my favorite bloggers during #winetoreach

Hungover Owls

…Being absolutely happy with my life and my choices, regardless of how other people may feel about it.

…Feeling proud for sticking to my diet for the past week.

…Knowing that I’m living in the city that makes me happiest (right after my hometown of Istanbul)

…Just being awesome.

What do YOU love today? What are you looking forward to this week?

7 thoughts on “Today, I love…

  1. Hmm…not sure what I love today. But I am excited about classes starting tomorrow, even though I haven’t taken any in a year, yikes!


  2. I haven’t taken classes in a while. But I’d be excited too!! What are you taking?


  3. Love being inspired by the creative people around me and the creative people all around the web and world.

    I love the stack of comic books I just bought.

    next week the wifey, one of our best friends and I drive down to Key West so looking forward to that. Looking forward to seeing my family.


  4. Well, since you asked…

    .love that after a lot of work my son is going to be transfered to a co-teaching program at a much better school.
    .love that my daughter is starting HS and she’s smart and absolutely wonderful (that might change when she starts HS).
    .love my husband for building me a beautiful dining room table, exacly like the one we had to sell when we moved to the US some 18 years ago.

    .love that you have so many nice things going on in your life and the wonderful friends. I wish I had more of that…support..but meh, I still got my looks…wait…shoot…the looks are leaving me too 🙂


  5. That is one delicious looking margarita!

    Also, we’re SO freaking pretty. I love you!


  6. Abnormal psych, retaking a personality course, advanced photography, and a class about the urban community. I hope they go well.


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