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This Post Actually Mentions Kim Kardashian. No, but Listen.

I made a promise to myself. It’s time to return to your regularly scheduled programming, which means there will be more posts on this blog. The thing is, I have a lot of opinions, thoughts, and randomness that goes through my head and they don’t necessarily all belong on Twitter.

Rather, they deserve to have a proper platform, which means – hello old friend, my dear personal blog – are you ready for my return?

This blog isn’t to add pieces to my writing portfolio. It won’t be polished. It won’t talk about work (that’s for the biz blog). It will at times be frivolous. More often than not, it won’t be super thought provoking. I bet you there will be lots of GIFs, streams of consciousness, broken sentences, and sometimes, grammar rules thrown out the window. This is my safe space (very publicly available safe space). If you’ve only been around for the past 2 years, you’re probably used to the big, huge, life-changing posts full of life lessons and insights. If you’ve been reading my blogs since Myspace days, you…well, you know how random my mind is. I create a ton of polished articles for my clients. I will create thought provoking content for my business blog.

This…is my playground.

Back to the topic at hand, or rather, top of my mind.

I started working at 6 am today, and one of the first things that popped in my multiple newsfeeds was the fact that Kim K. posted yet another nude photo on Twitter. The first article I saw was about how people were outraged (what, people outraged on the internet? Say it ain’t so!). There were comments from Bette Midler (someone I admire), but I was bothered by it. Look, I am by no means a Kim K. fan. On the contrary, I don’t think about her much at all. So why am I writing this post?

Listen. It’s 2016. This is a woman who rose to fame by exploiting her best asset: her body. I don’t pay attention to reality stars, but the reality is that this is not something that’s outrageous. Yes, she’s a mother, but guys, the father of her children goes on Twitter rants talking about…well, whatever Kanye talks about. This is their life. It’s their lifestyle. As the public and their fans, we’ve accepted this.

The bigger issue isn’t even about Kim or her picture. It’s our reaction to it. I will shamelessly admit that there were some pictures of Zac Efron circulating yesterday making me freak out like a teenage girl. He was topless. He was ripped. He was…yum. Oh, and the internet informs me that Justin Bieber has also posted a near nude picture?

I almost typed ‘never nude’, which now makes me want to watch Arrested Development.


Back to the topic at hand…

Do I agree with Kim K.’s choices? That’s not even a relevant question. The reality is that my opinion doesn’t matter because it’s her life, her choices, and spending our energy throwing dirt on each other will only keep us running in place on the road to gender equality.

How about we don’t spend time and energy shaming women for their choices? There are so many other battles we’re fighting on a daily basis, as individuals, as a gender, and as society in general.

There are sexual assault cases being ignored.

There is, still, rampant inequality.

Oh, and hey, let’s not forget Donald Trump.

Can we stop tearing each other down? I mean, seriously.

madeleine albright
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  • Greg 'Dinchamion' Fazekas March 9, 2016, 2:08 am

    You raise a good point.

    Let me raise a counterpoint.

    The reason these… well, let’s call them “news”, and make a not for ourselves to expand the English language in a way that doesn’t force us to use the same word for articles in the NYT and whatever the Ks are doing… SHOULD bother us, and the reason why we SHOULD either ignore them (until they get bored talking to themselves and go away) or push back (and force them to go away) is that these represent – at least to me – a cultural low that I’m terrified of.

    It’s not about judging Kim or anyone for posting a nude picture, or whatever. It’s about our society being trained to consume this, on either side of the argument. One side will be outraged, the other will be eating it up (then there’s the non-irrelevant middle, who is outraged but scretly eats it up), while the whole thing shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    Yes, it’s their choice, but I’m genuinely horrified of a civilization that rewards this kind of behavior. What they do is mostly crap, and we’re actually, transactionally, paying for crap.

    And that scares the hell out of me, both as a creator AND as a human being.

    We need to STOP. They need to STOP.

  • Greg 'Dinchamion' Fazekas March 9, 2016, 2:11 am

    Also, obligatory gif in response to the last quote in the post: https://media.giphy.com/media/kSA7u0tUziLXq/giphy.gif

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