Thesis is Crack

At approximately midnight, I decided it was a good idea to start that revamp of my site I’ve been wanting to do for weeks.

I went through approximately 15 banners before deciding on the one you see and I haven’t even BEGUN to touch on the coding for Thesis to make my site look the way I want it to. On that note? LiLu is a GODDESS. If you are looking to get your site re-done, she is THE person for it. Why? Because she’s awesome, talented and the girl does it for a fab price. If I wasn’t so stubborn, I would have her do the coding for my site.
Last night was just another reminder of what a fantastic idea it was for me to quit web design for others before I completely lost it.  I’m a perfectionist and I was up till 3:30, going NUTS. And this was BEFORE I installed the Hook plugin for Thesis to play with the codes. (This didn’t happen.)

You know what is also fun? Having a completely whacked out dream about bloggers, web design, people ripping each other to pieces in blogs and cops being involved. Yeah. I woke up this morning thinking that the dream was real and…that wasn’t fun. (By woke up, I mean “My boyfriend had to call me to wake me up because I slept through both of my alarms and he so knew I’d do that”)

The site isn’t finished, obviously, but let me know what you think about the banner and go ahead and grab my button from the left. If you have a button for your site, drop me a line and let me know. Also, I will finally be doing a blogroll. WEE! LURKERS, this might be a good time to say HI and let me know you’re here so I can check out your blog.

And the winner to the LuLu’s giveaway will be announced on Friday.

If you’re itching for a real blog, I wrote about Girl Dates over at that other place I write.

And for your adoring pleasure, the new puppy my parents just adopted:

20 thoughts on “Thesis is Crack

  1. gorgeous layout!

    also, you tweeted that you and the boyf were going to get a husky puppy after playing with your parents’ new puppy. true story? he’s precious!!
    .-= firecracker´s last blog ..cake balls =-.


    1. Yeah. It won’t be for a few more months (We both work so we want to wait for a while) but YES, definitely 🙂

      And thank you!


  2. hey there….like the banner, but have effin clue what that other shit you talked about even is…an I’m quite OK with that fact….lol

    AND….I will have one of those dogs before I die!!


    1. As soon as I figure it out, I will try to help you…I’m so used to straight up CSS that Thesis kind of drives me insane.


  3. I do like the banner – more power to you for dealing with the coding.

    Also, loved the girl date post. So SO important.
    .-= Liebchen´s last blog ..Good news! =-.


  4. 1. What is thesis?
    2. I like the background and most of the banner. For some reason the person gives me the creeps, but that is okay because I am a lurker and come here when I want to see your new layout and make comments, yay RSS FEEDS!
    3. CUUUUUUUUUUUTE puppy!


    1. Thesis is a blog template.

      Sorry it gives you the creeps!! And I LOVE that puppy!


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