The Lot

Driving along in the middle of the night, distracted with thoughts from the day, an unexpected feeling tugs at my heart and I can’t place it.

Why this? Why now?

I begin to pay attention to the buildings around me and I recognize the source of nostalgia. Deserted in the night is a building and an empty lot. A lot that is filled of the most intimate memories in the daylight now overcome with the shadow of the door closing on my past. Tempted to pick up my phone and hear that voice, I turn my eyes back on the road…driving away.

In the rear view mirror, the lot is further away…like the memories that now have to be buried deep in my heart so I can heal.

I should avoid driving on this road until the building no longer calls to me, making me want to be back in the arms of the one I had to let go.

Hundreds of people will drive past…going in and out…unaware of the piece of me I left behind on that lot.

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