The Lonely Fool (Poetry)

Let’s forge a friendship
You & I
Based on lies
To bury
Our insecurities
At the exposure
Of others’ demons
To feel superior
While in denial
Of the truth
In our reality.
Hiding away
In fake laughter.
Feeling higher
Through spewing
Into the vulnerability
Of our mutual fear.
Our facade is thin
Yet strong enough
To make us believe
That we are fooling
Those that we cause tears.
Reality hits as we stand
Alone & afraid
As the only fool
Stares back
From a cracked mirror.

**I wrote this last year…Just thought I’d share. I’m hoping to get back into writing poetry soon…I can feel the fire burning…Hopefully you guys enjoyed this! Do leave feedback…I know sometimes people aren’t sure if they should leave feedback on a poem or not…I want REACTIONS…because that’s what poetry is about…reaction.

Much love.**

PS: I’ll be out of the office at an all day meeting till about 4:00 today so I’ll get to your blogs later on.

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