The Girl & The Dress

She pins up her hair and stands in front of the mirror deciding what to wear.  Her hand immediately goes to her stomach as she turns to check herself out in the mirror.

“Bloated” she thinks and puts on the dress that makes her feel frumpy but hides the gut.

She looks down at herself and then back to the mirror.  The girl staring back at her has confidence in her eyes so why cover that up by dressing down?

Off goes the cover-up and she slips the dress over her body.

It fits her perfectly, hugging her in the right places.  Her hand smooths the fabric over her stomach, which, surprisingly, isn’t sticking out noticeably.

She turns around, focusing on every ‘flaw’ she sees. “What if I get a wedgie? You can see it.”

Then she says “Forget it. I’m wearing this dress. I look good.”

She slips on her flats but eyes her favorite pumps in the suitcase.

“I’ll stand out if I wear the heels” she thinks and then realizes that’s the voice of the girl who used to be.

She isn’t afraid to stand out.

In face, she thrives on it.

Off goes the flats and on goes the pumps.

She stands tall, ready to go.

Walking out the room, she hears someone say “Nice shoes” and she replies with a grin.


She walks into the club and ignores her surroundings. She’s ready to dance and have fun tonight.  Anyone looking at her might think that she’s a stuck-up woman but all she really wants is to let loose.

So she does.

If you watch her, you’ll see her with a smile on her face, dancing and making faces at her friend to make her laugh.

Her eyes light up every time she smiles.

And then you see her commanding the attention of 6 guys at once, joking with them and making all of them laugh by making the most ridiculous faces she can make while ‘dancing’.

At the end of the night, she’s smiling from cheek to cheek. Her heels are worn down but her dress is still perfectly in place.

If you saw her that night, you won’t forget her.

The confidence doesn’t lie in the blue dress and pink pumps. It comes from within and she won’t mind sharing her sparkle with you.

You can have a piece of it but you can never take it away.

I will have a good recap of my weekend at the beach soon. In the meantime, check out an awesome new project…Who doesn’t love postcards? I know you do so go here now!

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  1. Awww… I can’t stop smiling reading this! Seriously rock it! And I’m pumped about your postcard project!!!


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