The Game (Poetry)

(Just posting one of my favorite poems…Don’t read too much into it…LOL)

Lie to me
With your crooked smile
Fake twinkle in your eyes
Deceive me.

Seduce me
Lick your lips gently
Whisper your lines
Fulfill me.

Play me.
Planning to leave
Toy with my heart
Fool me.

Keep me
Hanging on
While you play.
Lead me.

Love me
Your heart is weak.
Fall into my eyes
Worship me.

Watch me
Walking away
As I take your heart
Ache for me.

You tried me
My patience ran out.
Now tell me
Was the game worth it?

(Copyright 2008)

4 thoughts on “The Game (Poetry)

  1. Is that good or bad? LOL

    Thanks…I wrote it when I was feeling a little feisty.


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