Ten on Tuesday: Because.

Ten on Tuesday courtesy of the lovely Chelsea

1. What’s your favorite television show  for each day of the week?

Sunday: Dexter, Homeland, The Walking Dead
Monday: House, 2 Broke Girls, HIMYM
Tuesday: New Girl, NCIS, Raising Hope, Covert Affairs
Wednesday: Modern Family, Happy Endings, Up All Night
Thursday: Community, Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement
Friday: Supernatural, Fringe, Grimm
Saturday: Catching up on the DVR.

2. How many times do you wear your jeans before you wash them?

Usually 2-3 times, at most.

3. What is your favorite pasta shape?

I love pasta of all shapes and sizes but there’s a special place in my heart for elbow macaroni.

4. Do you read newspapers?

Sometimes. Because I just love that grimy feeling on my hands.

5. Do you sleep in socks?

Sleep, no. Pass out? On occasion.

6. Favorite genre of movies?

Action, Comedy, Thriller. (I’m supposed to pick one?)

7. How do you feel about wrestling?

I dated a wrestler when I was a freshman in HS. That’s about as far as my interest goes.

8. Should men pluck their eyebrows?

Take care of the unibrow. Leave the rest.

9. Do you have dimples?

Yup, I get it from my momma.

10. Do you like to camp?

I can’t honestly answer this question since I haven’t legit gone camping. Ask me again next July.


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