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It’s been a while since I blogged and that feels strange to me. This past week was the week from hell. I’ve always had problems with tooth pain and since I haven’t had my wisdom teeth taken out just yet, they’ll occasionally act out. This past week, they decided to put me through the worst pain possible while hitting me with an ear infection. Let’s just say pain killers and antibiotics were my best friend.

In the meantime, while I was dying from pain, I had the best blog ideas go through my mind with absolutely no energy to formulate the words.

Hopefully, once I’m caught up on homework, finish midterms and get caught up on work, I can find the words once again.

Despite the pain, and the stress of not getting much work done during the week, I’m feeling pretty good. I took about 100 steps backwards when I found myself sinking into the same quicksand that was my emotional home 4 years ago. A good friend told me that I was backtracking way too much and needed to snap out of it quickly.

So I did.

I’m the kind of person that is fully aware of every thought that goes through her head so I analyze every feeling. Sometimes, the number of steps I’ve taken forward in my life and how I have the happiness I never thought was real throws me off. It’s hard to accept it at times and I wait for the other shoe to drop. I see traits of my old self in other people around me and it feels like an out-of-body experience.

I’m a different person yet the same.

The word ‘maturity’ gets thrown around a lot between my friends who have known me for years.

All I know is that I really like who I am, and where my life is going. Oh and ya know, having an amazing boyfriend who loves me and supports me more than I deserve (at times) is pretty awesome too.

I’m also reminded, daily, that I have the most amazing friends and even though new people will enter my life, none can ever replace the bond and love that we share across the miles and years.

On the random side of things:

– The Boy & I ordered the XBox Kinect. I am SO excited!

– I started a finished a book this week. It has been so long since I’ve read a book, and it felt so good. I need to do that more often.

– We went to see Megamind (3D) last night…It was really cute and funny. I just…should’ve been more sober for the first half of the movie.
– I <3 Peppermint White Mochas.
– I will be working on a financial blog once everything is caught up with work and school. A lot of people have been asking me for tips on budgeting, etc and I know that I owe Mister J. Money a guest post so that’s on my list of things to do in the next month or so.
– I’m slowly but surely catching up with my Google Reader so I apologize if I’ve sucked at commenting lately. But I’m reading.
The Walking Dead is so amazingly awesome. I cannot wait for the new episode tonight!
– I miss NY. A LOT. I need to write a NYC blog post.

How was YOUR week? What’s new in your world?

11 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. 1) Will you be getting your wisdom teeth taken out anytime soon or are you choosing to suffer through it?
    2) Congrats on finishing a book
    3) Peppermint White Mochas are the best!
    4) Just watched to first episode of The Walking Dead today, and I LOVE IT! But I don’t have cable :(.
    5) I miss NY too.
    6) I just signed up for Xbox Live this weekend (Can we say “Holy slowness”?). I will email you my tag so you can add me!


    1. 1) Yes! I’m getting dental insurance.
      2) Thanks 🙂 It was awesome! I def recommend it.
      3) YESSSSSS!!
      4) It should be online, no?
      5) *sigh*
      6) YES. Email me 🙂



  2. Getting through a book is such a good feeling, isn’t it? Shame we feel like we only have time to do it when we’re ill, as though there are more important things to do when we’re well. I need to read more often, too!

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better. Get those wisdom teeth OUT, my dear! <3


    1. I know. I miss the days I could read in bed before falling asleep. Now that I don’t commute, I don’t have time allotted to read…and need to change that, stat.


  3. I need my wisdom teeth taken out too, but I’m too scared to do it.

    I’m happy you’re feeling better! I finished a book yesterday and started a second. I’ll probably finish that one tomorrow, since I won’t spend as much time in bed today as I did yesterday. I’ve been suffering from a cold, but today I’m feeling much betterer. 😀



    1. I hope you’re feeling better!

      I’ve been too scared to do it too but I do not want to go through this pain ever again.



        1. Will do. I can tell you right now that I’ve already decided to do general anesthesia. I need to be knocked out.


          1. I already know that about myself, as well. I’ll have to take Xanax that morning before I even get to the hospital, and they’ll have to sedate me and keep me that way or else I’ll have an anxiety attack and I won’t let them operate.

  4. The only books I’m getting through right now are for school…and even that’s iffy. But I have a whole list that I plan to attack once winter break rolls around.


    1. Yeah, I don’t have a lot of reading for school this semester but I have so much other stuff going on, it’s crazy.


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