Summer of Travel: NYC

I wanted to kick off my summer right but it wouldn’t be by the pool or BBQs. Oh no. I got my butt on the bus Saturday morning and headed to one of my favorite cities in the world: NYC. It would be a weekend full of relaxation, & bonding away from everything else (Including A, who worked all weekend. Poor baby.)

I was a little afraid though. When I went to NY last October, I fell in love. I was afraid the magic would be gone. That the comfort I felt back then was only because life was treating me awful and I wanted to get lost in the chaos of the city.

The second we crossed the Lincoln Tunnel, I knew that I was worried for no reason.

The same kind of relief I feel when the plane touches ground in Turkey washed over me.


In Times Square - October, 2010

I wanted to just relax on Saturday and was feeling a little blah after the bus ride (Which was full of a pee stink for 4 hours). Monica was headed to the beach and asked me “Are you sure you don’t want to come?”

No. I was not sure. To the beach we went!

It was my first time on the subway, and as we were waiting on the platform, I informed Monica of this.

“Get ready to run.”
“OK. Wait. It’ll be that full?”

“Well, it won’t stop. The doors will open but it just slows down & you have to jump in.”

For a good 30 seconds I believed her because her face was so straight.

“Oh. You suck.”

We headed out to Coney Island & even though it was windy, laid on the beach for a couple of hours before walking around. Nathan’s hotdogs & cheese fries? Ice cream? Sailors in their cute uniforms?

Oh yes. It was a gorgeous day.


You can find all the Coney Island pictures here. I also have a couple up for sale on Etsy if you like them.

The rest of the weekend was full of relaxation & laughter.  On Sunday, I left Monica resting in the apartment while I went to meet up with 3 people I’ve known for over 6 years & haven’t yet met.

These women (and that one guy) have known me since I was 19. They’ve seen me hit rock bottom & grow and have been there through it all.  (And yes, I met them blogging. Go figure.) I only got to see them for a half hour but it was so worth it.


All in all, it was an amazing weekend. Best part was that there was no partying. I was content just being in New York, walking around and taking in the city.

It was the best way to start my summer. The summer that’ll make up for the depression of last summer.

Next up: Chicago in July!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? What have you got planned for this summer?

6 thoughts on “Summer of Travel: NYC

  1. It’s such a relief when the magic’s still there!

    Let me know how you like Chicago – I’ll be heading there for the first time in October!


  2. I love just being in New York City. It really is like no place else.


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