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If you had told me two years ago that I would meet the man who could deal with my crazy long enough to fall in love & then agree to LIVE with me, I would’ve laughed in your face.

If you had told me 6 months ago that we would actually survive living together without any casualties, I’d be hesitant to agree with you. (But obviously, I’d hope for that).

So in the last two years, I have found someone who loves me as much as I loved him, tolerates my crazy, drives me absolutely insane with frustration on a weekly basis but makes me laugh no matter what.  We’ve survived the first 6 months of living together. We’ve survived meeting the parents, me losing my job, me going nuts over school and everything in between.

I mean, we even have a love fern.

Sure, he’s great and all of that but then he went and decided that he wants to spend forever with me.

OK, sure honey, I know that everyday with me feels like forever but come on.

No, really. Forever, as in Ask-my-dad-for-permission forever.

As in, he hid a ring in his Christmas stocking after I fell asleep on Christmas Eve and made me go get it Christmas morning, forever.

As in, I cried my eyes out when I saw the ring and then had to remind him that he has to actually ask me, forever.

As in, he actually asked me to marry him and I said YES, forever.

Naturally, my ring was too big and I had to wear it on my middle finger all day on Christmas, which caused the phrase “BUT IT’S ON THE WRONG FINGER” to be the most uttered phrase of Christmas 2010.

After all the ‘Congrats’ on Facebook & Twitter…after telling his family, our close friends and my brother & dad…it still hasn’t sunk in fully that

I’m engaged. I am going to get married. To a boy. A stinky boy. Who actually puts up with me which means he’s just not right in the head.

Before you ask: No, we haven’t set a date and we won’t any time soon because I have to finish school first so let’s please hold off on the wedding talk for a while or I will have a full-on panic attack.

The cynical hopeless romantic in me is on her way to her happy ending, though it’s not really an ending after all. Just a never-ending journey full of frustration, love, laughter and oh my god, a wedding.

*cue panic*

39 thoughts on “Something Something Engagement

  1. Congratulations!!! Love (and farts, since you’re gonna be married to a boy) is in the air!!!

    Bouncing in my chair right now for you. Sooo happy!


  2. congratulations! it’s so nice to feel that way. 🙂

    and take it from a planning veteran: kindly remind everyone around you, once the planning starts, that it is in fact YOUR wedding, and not anyone else’s. some well-meaning people love, just LOVE, to hijack wedding planning.


    1. Yeah, I’m already super overwhelmed by the suggestions. I just tell people that we’re shooting for a 2013 wedding. I have to focus on school and I have to plan (potentially) two weddings so I can’t get obsessed about it now.

      And thank you 🙂


  3. Thank you for that awesome picture of him that will never cease to make me giggle!!! And congrats darling! You so deserve it!!!


  4. Congrats! Wicked happy for you!

    And also, I miss your face. If I had a moment in my life to breath, I’d say we should hang. However, I’m drowning in a sea of working-too-much. When I emerge, we shall party!


  5. Ahahaha, LOVE THIS. Congratulations to you!

    Let’s make a “We’re too excited that we’re engaged to do any planning, so please stop asking me wedding questions already” Club.


  6. First blog post I read all day that made me SMILE. And I just can’t quit. Congratulations you too! There is much to love about you and he knows that. Both of you are gems. The ring is beautiful!


  7. Squee! I am so excited for you. Congratulations. Gorgeous ring and you two are adorable together!

    Again, Squee.


  8. I’m a little behind in my blog reading, but CONGRATULATIONS! That’s very exciting!

    Don’t worry about the wedding planning…..just enjoy being engaged!


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