So THAT Happened

I could tell  you how AMAZING the She & Him concert was last night at the 9:30 club (And I will, another time) but I would like to share with you something that was so unexpected, I am not sure if it’s good or bad that Rebecca was there to witness it first hand.

We get out of the 9:30 Club and make our way to the U Street metro.  On the way, I am naturally talking to Rebecca and texting the Boy to come pick me up when out of NOWHERE (or you know, middle of the sidewalk) comes a pole and hits me in the face.


And I was SOBER.

I kid you not.

I couldn’t stop laughing as I felt the bump grew on my forehead.  Every 2 minutes, Rebecca busted out laughing and kept saying “I cannot believe you just walked into a pole. WHO DOES THAT?”

Well ladies and gents, I do.

I did.

Good news is that the bump that was growing on my forehead was taken care of with ice and anti-inflammatory pills last night. The bruise on my leg is another story…

So yes. THAT happened.

9 thoughts on “So THAT Happened

  1. That’s pretty funny. Hope your head feels better soon! I fall up stairs sometimes so you’re in good company 😉



  2. It was AMAZING that I was there to witness it! That’s one of those things that you only ever see in commercials or hear about it happening to a friend of a friend of a friend.

    I was giggling about it the whole way home. Pretty sure that the other people on the metro & my cab driver thought I was crazy!


  3. That would have been hilarious to see. I tend to walk into street signs. Never a pole though (although I have run into them in the grocery store before. Who puts poles in the middle of the aisle?)


  4. My younger sister smacked her face into a fire box on a pole on the sidewalk before. It was awesome.

    But… she also got her head stuck in a mailbox so… she’s special.


  5. I walked into a pole once sober. Right outside my work. I’d only been there a week at the time. Man, was it embarrassing. At least I didn’t get a lump on my head though. 😉


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