Sleepover, A Runaway Dog & Spongebob

“Would you have thought this moment would happen 2 years ago?”

As we stood in my room at my parents’ new place Saturday night, my insightful fiance asked me that question.

The answer is “No.”

Because we were staying the night at my parents’ for Father’s Day weekend. If you’ve known me for even 6 months, you know what a big deal this is.  Hell, if you’ve had an overnight trip with your significant other for the first time with your/his/her parents, you know what a big deal this is.

So this was a big deal. (In case you missed it).

We drove up after Andrew got off work Saturday night & were up there around 11 pm. The surprise of the weekend wasn’t how awkward it was but how much Andrew fit in with my family. We sat around the table, teaching Andrew how to play Rummikub (Which is kind of a big deal in Turkey) and it was a  peaceful sight.

Andrew fit in with my family*. In his own goofy way.

When I went to bed that night (In my own room while Andrew slept in my brother’s room because whoa, one step at  a time people), I was at peace.

The next day, the dog ran away.

The little bugger figured out how to get out of her collar and ran away when she was supposed to be peeing. WHOOPS. If you’ve never seen a young Siberian Husky run, they run FAST.  My bro & Dad looked for her on foot, and after a couple of minutes, Andrew & I decided to look for her with the car. It was my dad that found her but whoo, that was quite an adventure.

What? I'm not planning anything.

Never a dull moment with my family!

Then I found my old Spongebob visor from middle/high school, which I had to wear in the pictures we took at the end of the day before Andrew & I headed back. Those were the only pictures we took all weekend, which a shame because the Godfather card Andrew gave my dad for Father’s Day was epic.

Just like this first weekend with my family.

Maybe next time Andrew & I can sleep in the same room when we visit my parents.

Not the same bed of course, until after we get married.


My boys.
With my boys. (And Spongebob)

How was your Father’s Day weekend?


Not the actual card but you get the idea.


*I did have a moment and thought about whether or not any of the men in my past would’ve fit in with my family like Andrew does. The answer is “No.”


15 thoughts on “Sleepover, A Runaway Dog & Spongebob

  1. Thankfully, my boyfriend’s family and mine have known each other for 30+ years, so we got to skip the awkward part of “meeting the parents”.

    Glad yours went so well (minus The-Great-Puppy-Escape)!  Hope that things continue to be awesome!


    1. Ha, nice. My dad & brother met Andrew a while ago & my mom met him last month. So we’re getting there. Now he has to prep for meeting the entire family next summer 🙂

      Thanks honey!


  2. “I did have a moment and thought about whether or not any of the men in
    my past would’ve fit in with my family like Andrew does. The answer is “No.”I’ve also had that moment before…the answer was also NO! Glad to hear you guys had a good weekend 🙂


  3. YES! So glad it was a success weekend. It makes all of the crappy stuff that you’ve been through all worth it. Keep making life rock, hotpants.


  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Maybe not so much chasing the dog (we’ve had a runaway husky before – SO fast), but the rest of it definitely!


  5. Watching your boyfriend (or in your case, fiance!) get along with your family is one of the most wonderful things. I’m glad you had a great weekend!


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