Show Me the Money!

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One of the biggest issues between couples is money. Let’s face it: You’re always going to get stressed out about money.  Maybe one of you is awful at budgeting, or has a credit card addiction (Like Lily in How I Met Your Mother).

In our house, the current issue is that there’s only one steady source of income, and I happen to be awful at scheduling things.  The truth is that I have more debt than the Boy, and I’m working on it but sometimes I just don’t want to DEAL with it. (Which can be super problematic).

I’m also very proud, and have been super independent so being the one who is NOT bringing in the income, and having to discuss my budget with the Boy can be frustrating and downright embarrassing but necessary.

There are a few things we do to make things easier, and get the money management under control:

1) Create a monthly calendar. As much as I love my apps, and technology, sometimes you just need to see things written down. We print out a blank calendar at the beginning of every month and write down the due dates for the bills so we can plan better.

2) Scope out sales. I am a big coupon clipper. I do not have the patience for extreme couponing, but I get things on sale, make the most of my coupons and sign up for sale alerts for everything from groceries to clothes to technology. I’m going to do a more extensive post on this later.

3) Make the most of your dollars.  There are a ton of websites and programs out there that provide rewards for your spending.  The Seattle trip I’m going in two days? My flight was completely free because of rewards I earned simply by using my debit card.  (Again, more on this  later)

4) Don’t be silly. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to get it. Figure out what’s a necessity and what you can put off until next month.  Don’t be a hoarder.

5) Allow yourself to indulge. Just because you are tightening the belt doesn’t mean there is no fun allowed. Indulge in something that makes you happy (As simple as a cup of coffee or a Happy Hour) but don’t go overboard. It just adds to the stress later on.

6) COMMUNICATE. This applies more to a couple than an individual but it’s important to communicate with each other regarding household finances no matter how frustrating it may feel.

Do you have any tips for managing your household finances?  What’s your biggest problem when it comes to budgeting?

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8 thoughts on “Show Me the Money!

  1. I have a weakness for catalogs so you know what I do that works quite nicely? I go through them, circle everything I want and then file it away (yes, in a folder in the filing cabinet) for like 4 months. Then I take it out and look at it and you’d be surprised, most things I don’t want anymore. I am pleased that I’ve saved a lot of money this way. 🙂


    1. That’s pretty smart. Yeah, I’ll go on an online window-shopping spree and have like 10 things in my cart at the end of an hour. Then I walk away without buying any of it. It’s helpful 🙂


  2. i’ve gotten so much better about my budget in the last year. i always have one, but i haven’t always been good about sticking to it. my biggest personal problem now is staying within my “fun” limit. slowly working on that, while doing quite well on the other areas. my big couples problem? i’m the only one talking. J hates discussing money. i know and understand why, but it still frustrates me. thank god we don’t live together yet or i might cut him heh


  3. 🙂 I just put up my post re: finances! I also addressed money and relationships. It’s really informative/helpful to see what others are doing.


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