This is not a real blog post. Because I’m in the middle of midterm hell. So you don’t see me!

But. I just wanted to say a couple of things before I go back into hiding.

1) Thank you to every single person who commented on the last blog. I just needed to write something and that’s what came out. You guys are my rock. I will be updating you on the limbo and how I am no longer in it soon.

2) I have like 4 posts coming up that I need to work on (after midterms, after midterms!)

3) I’m going to a Beth Hart concert on Saturday and could not be more psyched about it.

4) Things are still solid at Brazen. Oh hai, have you checked it out and joined the awesome people?

5) Speaking of which, have you liked “The World Is My Jester” on Facebook?

6) Did you know that I have a new e-mail ( No? Get on that! GChat is my hero.

7) I…am out.

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