Road Trips, Weddings and Bears, Oh My

OK, so there are no bears.

There might be. I don’t know what we’ll encounter on our first road trip tomorrow.

That’s right. The Boy and I are driving down to Virginia Tech tomorrow. That’s a 4 hour drive. In the car. With my crazy boyfriend who drives like he still races. I WILL BE DRIVING.

Also, could you guys give me road trip tunes? I have to make a playlist tonight. Aaaaaaaaaand go.

Wait, don’t go. I have more to tell you!

The reason we’re going down to VA Tech is for a wedding which means I will be at a wedding where there will be dancing and booze with an Irish man.  It also means that this is our first road trip, first wedding and first overnight trip. Big weekend.

Seriously, I hope I don’t end up suffocating him with a pillow.

But then I look at pictures like this of us and then remember why it’s probably good to keep him alive.

Yes, we are the ghey.

I haven’t been to a wedding in years. The last time I was at a wedding, I was in high school and with my family so there wasn’t much of anything going on. This is different. I’m a grown up now. So I have to behave. (Of course I will not be behaving at the wedding in June with Squish, my numbah 2 and all of those lovely bitches. That is a whole different story.)

I had more stuff to tell you guys but I forgot.

I will of course be back next week with lots of pictures, etc. What are YOU doing this weekend?

What’s your funniest/favorite wedding and/or road trip memory?

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You are welcome.

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5 thoughts on “Road Trips, Weddings and Bears, Oh My

  1. oh how fun!

    my roadtrip playlists are all about the open road/driving/freedom/etc. no real reason, i just feel free on the interstates and i love long drives. that said, mine always include: johnny cash [all of it really, but specifically i’ve been everywhere], jackson browne [running on empty], robert earl keen [the road goes on forever], lynyrd skynyrd’s free bird [overplayed, but love it still], tom petty [all of his are great, but runnin’ down a dream is amazing for drives], CCR [fortunate son, travellin band, etc], allman brothers, mellencamp, springsteen.
    i could keep listing them for ages, but i think you get my drift. apparently i like old music.

    and zomg that csi cartoon – hiLARious. i’m dying.


  2. First…I LOATHE David Caruso…..

    What are YOU doing this weekend?kiddo/family stuffs…I cannot wait

    What’s your funniest/favorite wedding and/or road trip memory? favorite wedding memory….falling asleep on my brother’s shoulder as we walked up the aisle for my uncle’s wedding…he was the ring bearer and I was the flower girl…he has to half drag me up the aisle…

    favorite road trip memory….I have several….my trips are NEVER dull…lol


  3. Road trip tunes!!! How about some new/upbeat stuff?
    Florence + the Machine – “Drumming Song”
    Cage the Elephant – “No Rest for the Wicked”
    Broken Bells – “The High Road”
    Fanfarlo – “Luna”
    Gin Wigmore – “Oh My”
    Good stuff. Happy downloading and driving!


  4. Keeping with the wedding theme (kind of) I’m headed to Philly for an engagement party *and* a bachelorette party this weekend.

    Also, re the road trip: we just had our first long one (5 hours to New York) the other weekend which went surprisingly well. Though, apparently I’m the speed demon driver and he’s the slow and steady one.
    .-= Liebchen´s last blog ..The best part of Opening Day (aside from the win) was the warm-up =-.


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