[Reverb10] Let Go


2010 was the year of letting go.

I let go of the toxic.

Toxic relationships

Toxic friends

Toxic thoughts

Toxic jobs.

I let go of doubt

Doubt in myself

Doubt in my abilities

Doubt in my boyfriend

Doubt in my heart.

I let go of fear

Fear of not surviving.

Fear of not being the person others want me to be

Fear of failing

Fear of taking chances.

I let go of the unreasonable…and let myself be human.


Today’s prompt: Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why? Via Alice Bradley.

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Day 3: Moment

Day 2: Writing

Day 1: One Word

20 thoughts on “[Reverb10] Let Go

  1. Beautiful post full of respect for yourself and your journey; truly compassionate self-acceptance with the spice of the fierce. Nice to meet you by way of #reverb10


  2. Oh, letting go of toxic things, fear and doubt… that’s quite a productive year, and a good amount of growth. I still haven’t answered this prompt because I can’t think of a single thing that I let go (at least nothing worth writing about).


    1. It came to the point where it was the only way I could move forward. Thank you!


  3. I can’t help but sing “Toxic” when reading or writing about toxic things. 2010 looks like it’s been a very cleansing year for you! I hope 2011 brings more happy and awesome, but if you do encounter some mucky-muck, I hope you keep your strength to let go.


    1. That song does pop in my head once in a while 🙂

      And thank you! I’m sure there’ll always be muck coming my way but the awesome outweighs it!


  4. getting rid of those toxic relationships and jobs is a very important thing.
    it can be really hard, but a big kudos to you for doing so.
    I hope to follow your example. 🙂


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