[Reverb10] Beautifully Different

(I’m falling a little behind on Reverb10 because of finals/being sick but should be catching up with your posts over the weekend! You can find all of my Reverb10 posts here)

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am one of the weirdest people I know.  It helps that my closest friends reaffirm this everyday. (Thanks guys, I love you too.)

I own it. I like who I am and I know that everything about me that’s quirky is just a piece of who I am. The person I have become, who I actually like most of the time.

I have immigrant moments, or a ‘speech impediment’ (my accent) as one of my soul sisters, Cassie, tends to say.  Having English as my second language and being kind of a blonde at times, I have fun moments where the sentence I say doesn’t make total sense but those around me get it. ne of them that my boyfriend constantly rags on me for is when I tell him to ‘Close the lights’ when I’m tired.

I snort when I laugh. And I have absolutely no shame about it.

I have an awfully addictive personality. I’m addicted to a lot of things and chances are, I’ll be addicted to you.

I get insanely shy. Especially if I’m tired.

I am persistent, to the point of being a pain in your butt. If I want something, I go after it.  If I want to see my friends, I will be on their ass until they say yes. If I have my heart set on something, I will fight for it until the very end. And then fight some more.

I never give up. In games, in life, in school. There’s a reason I’m still working on my bachelor’s when I could’ve given up years ago.

I have a weird obsession with penguins. Don’t hate on my Penguin Posse.

I have a big heart. And at the risk of being called fake, I show compassion to someone even if they’ve hurt me.

I am a Social Media Junkie but you guys already knew this.

My brain can go 100 mph and if you interrupt me during a story, chances are, even if it’s hours later, I will pick up from the EXACT SAME SPOT and finish my story. This goes back to that persistent thing.

I will always make a fool out of myself in public if it means making someone smile, even if it’s a stranger.

At the end of the day, all of this and more makes me who I am: A beautiful goofball.


Prompt (12/8): Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful. (Author: Karen Walrond)

11 thoughts on “[Reverb10] Beautifully Different

  1. Goofballs are good people. We need more goofballs.

    I am intrigued by the notion of being tenacious and shy all wrapped together. That strikes me as counter intuitive yet oddly refreshing somehow.


  2. haha – love it.

    two things:
    1) my boyfriend’s best friend dates a girl whose parents don’t speak english. she herself is a native speaker, but despite spending her whole life in america, she somehow managed to miss just a ton of american slang. this occasionally causes confusion, usually makes the boys laugh, and has made us all realize – this girl included – that she’s basically tia carrere’s character from wayne’s world. she owns it, and it’s awesome.

    2) i desperately want the “i love you, blogs and coffee” picture on a t-shirt. that may as well be my life motto.


    1. The worst part is that I do know most of the slang. My brain just slips up…haha. WORDS ARE HARD!

      I love that poster so much. It was the first thing I hung up in our apartment 🙂


  3. Hi. I think you should pack up your penguin posse and Starbucks card and mail yourself to LA so we can be short-distance BFFs (instead of long-distance). So yeah… do it.


    1. Hi, I just convinced the Boy to move to NY. Give me another year and we’ll be out west and you & I can be BFFs forever 🙂

      Also, you realize you will have to come and visit me when I move to NY.


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