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I had a super strange night last night. As I stepped into the shower, a strange calm came over me about what has been going on. The accident? Telling my dad? I wasn’t worried about it anymore. I realized that I was more stressed out about my dad’s reaction than the actual accident and how *I* would deal with it.

The epiphany I had? I’m an adult. The car may be in my dad’s name but I pay for it and the insurance. This isn’t my first accident. I am responsible for handling the consequences and I will. All my dad has to do is go to the police station to sign to have the car released to me and/or the insurance company since he’s the title owner…as co-signer, I apparently have no choice.

Then I realized that no matter how upset my dad might get, I’m an adult. Almost 25, I’ve taken a big step in my life this past year by moving out and taking my life in my hands. Every decision I make, every mistake that brings a consequence lies on my shoulders. I wasn’t hurt physically so my dad doesn’t have to worry about that…and sure, they might use this as an argument for me to move back home and not having a car will make my visits to my parents’ home a little stressful but…In the end…my life will continue.

As I was cleaning my room after my shower, I noticed that my driver’s license and registration were nowhere to be found. After texting the Boy to see if I dropped them in his car, I realized that I was due for a new license after turning 21 and my car registration needed to be renewed anyway so I remained calm.

“Good thing I don’t have to drive for a while”, I put on Twitter with the tag #positiveandshit

I’m normally not THIS calm and positive, despite trying to stay positive everyday.

I guess I realized there are some things that are not worth worrying about because I have no control. I just walked away from a car accident that could’ve left me injured or even worse…dead.

Life is stressful and full of surprises but I’m prepared to deal with them. One day of stressing out and being in shock was enough. It’s time to move forward, clean up this mess and continue living my life.

In order to continue living my life and stay positive, I need your help with this Good Mood gig…I’m exactly 1000 votes behind. Normally, I don’t ask for pimping but what I would love is for you to pimp this on Twitter & your blog, reminding people that they don’t have to sign up for anything, they can vote everyday and it just takes 10 seconds. I have this crazy goal of getting the 1000 votes today to catch up…Crazy yes…but doable with your help. Thanks to those who vote & pimp everyday…You guys rock πŸ™‚

Remember to use the hashtag #berrakthevote on Twitter whenever you mention this!

Good Mood Gig from SAM-e

And now…some awesome music for you. What songs always put you in a good mood? Have you been touched by the Positivity Fairy lately?

**That man can ‘bust a move’ on me any day.**

21 thoughts on “Positivity Fairy

  1. Chances are your dad won’t be that upset–it is paid for by you after all, and you’re the one going without for a while–and mainly he’d probably just be relieved that you weren’t hurt. Everyone knows these things happen from time to time!
    .-= Brando´s last blog ..The Ghostest With the Mostest =-.


  2. yay for positivity!

    I pimped you out on my facebook and I’ve been voting daily from both my work and home computer πŸ™‚


  3. Good, I’m glad you’re feeling a bit calmer about it today!

    Yay for happy music! I’m usually blasting all kinds of randomness, but lately it’s assorted Jason Mraz (Wordplay, Too Much Food and No Stopping Us = current top three), along with Nada’s Surf’s Blankest Year (stole it from Ashley Forette’s tumblr), and Train’s Hey Soul Sister(stole that one from Belle Renee). I’ve been caught car dancing to that stuff so many times in the last week, I don’t even notice now. πŸ™‚


  4. I just stumbled upon your blog today and it’s fabulous… anyone that refers to Glee in a blog post is a winner in my books! πŸ™‚ I also wanted to say that I just recently came to the same realization about confronting parents about tricky situations. We’re adults and whatever we decide is going to hav eto be the right decision
    .-= Walking on Sunshine´s last blog ..I Always Choose the Bad Boy =-.


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