Like a doll tossed
Against the corner
Of the wall of
Forgotten Dreams.

Broken Promises
Seep through the cracks
While the moonlight strikes
Against the glass eyes
Causing fears to be
Reflected in the night.

Shadows on the wall
Replay scenes filled
With twisted lies
Creating the pain
That could’ve been avoided
With the truths
Of a thousand lives.

She waits slumped
Covered by dust bunnies
Until the next lie
That’s his play time
With the pretty doll.

4 thoughts on “Playtime

  1. Now, either people posted comments and they went to the spambox, or no one is posting a comment because they’re all speechless. I know I’m just about speechless with this. It’s beautiful, but very heartbreaking. My heart breaks for you when I read this, because I know something like this can only come out when you REALLY feel something, and when that something isn’t good at all.



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