Perfect Fool (Poetry)

(Originally written May, 2007)

Bowing to your every demand
Fulfilling your needs
You want the perfect girl.
I’m not her.

You’ll push her away
Stripping her of dignity
To use her love,
You want a fool.

Strong but obedient,
Weak but confident,
You want a paradox
I’m not her.

She’ll smile in public,
While you degrade her
A perfect woman is quiet
Unless she’s moaning your name.

Find the perfect girl you desire,
Hold on for dear life.
Make no mistake about it,
I’m not your trophy wife.


Today is Charli’s birthday…Miss Lil Wicked…Go wish her a happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

19 thoughts on “Perfect Fool (Poetry)

    1. Yesh. See the date up there? I posted it on the-place-that-shall-not-be-named

      And duh.


  1. Um.. I commented but there was some error and it didn’t post. So, I’ll just retype:

    the joke: the guy(?) at the center of this sounds like he needs a sex doll, like in Lars and the Real Girl.

    the serious bit: this has one of the clearest sentiments of any of your stuff that I’ve read. Like, crystal.
    .-= f.B´s last blog ..never too soon for funny? =-.


    1. My spam filter has been out of control…sorry!

      Well…thank you.



    Strong but obedient,
    Weak but confident,
    You want a paradox
    Iā€™m not her.

    holla. and high five. i’m a paradox, but not that one.
    .-= Alice´s last blog ..bullet-y goodness =-.


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