Overheard @ Chez Quello

Overheard in my apartment at 6:30 a.m.

“We should totally get bikes.”
“Yes. It’s healthy!”
“Not if there are drivers like you out on the road.”
“But they have bike lanes.”
“How about a Vespa? *beep beep*”
“I’m done with you.”

“Can I call in dead?”

“Aww baby. No.”

*later in the shower*

“I’m going to kill you.”


“Just because.”

“Oh, OK.”

“Yup. Or I’ll just cut off your balls. Yup. Tomorrow, your balls go BYE-BYE”

For some reason, this made him crack up which led to us laughing for a good 2 minutes. When he mimicked the way I said “Bye-bye”, I followed that with:

“Yup. Practice sounding like that since you can’t sound manly with your balls cut off.”

Clearly, cohabitating has brought our relationship to a new level.

It’s had its ups and downs. It’s a HUGE change. We’re working through it. Though I will say that I am about ready to knock out our downstairs neighbor because he plays music ALL the time and is home at whack hours so I have to turn up my TV super loud when I’m trying to get my Supernatural fix after work and he’s blasting music.

Also, I have been totally out of whack lately for a variety of reasons:


2) It is WAY too hot in DC.

3) I should be poolside with my girls right NOW.

4) Birth Control. Hormones. OUT OF CONTROL EMOTIONS.

5) I’ve given up soda and Starbucks. AT THE SAME TIME.

6) Money.

Oh and my phone number has changed. Holla if you don’t have the new one.

I promise you’ll be the first to know when I can write a coherent blog post again.

So how are YOU?

7 thoughts on “Overheard @ Chez Quello

  1. LOL

    I gave up sodas…..but you’ve got bumfucked NUTS to think I’m giving up coffee…..GRRRRRRRRRRRR



    1. I haven’t given up ALL coffee…That is NEVER happening. Haha


      1. OH–OK….I was gonna have to call an intervention for you NOT drinking coffee…lmao


  2. Ooh… I love Supernatural and Dean is so hot. Living with a boy is HARD. Funny coincidence, I wrote a post about that for tomorrow. Be sure to check it out. And how can you quit soda AND Starbucks at the same time? That’s brave.


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