One Crack Too Many (Poetry)

There she stands in front of the mirror
And there’s another crack.
She blames the mirror but she knows…
The mirror is perfect and the image is cracked.

Like a doll tossed one too many times
She’s been cracking under pressure
Like any doll taken out of its safe haven
She’s no longer immune to harsh weather

She was brought home years ago
With her perfect blond hair
Shiny blue eyes behind a perfect skin
Untainted, unbroken, untouchable

As her eyes began to change color
They began to lose light, blurred
By a never ending pool
Of tears too afraid to fall

A crack here and there
She never looked in the mirror
Ashamed of what she’d see
Blaming her scars on the girl inside

She’s tainted, slapped
She’s broken, tossed aside
She’s ashamed, no longer pure
She’s falling apart, one crack at a time.

The glue was her heart
Love. Compassion. Patience.
She became whole
Except for her smile.

One crack remained, leaving her smile broken
Foolish enough to not fix it
She thought she’d be cruisin by
Not realizing her heart was falling apart.

She looks in the mirror
The cracks overwhelming
Piece by piece, falling down
Where is her glue now?

**I wrote this in November of 2007…I think the crack is finally healing but once in a while…**

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