Oh Who I am (At the moment)

(I’m totally snagging this idea from the gorgeous Kerri)

I am…

just two days away from yet another birthday, wondering if the universe will reveal the punchline to my life on this April Fool’s Day.

…slowly becoming that girl. Wedding-planning, giddy-over-dresses, ready to throw the best party of the decade, sending her bridesmaids picture after picture of ideas girl.

…seeing the pay-out of all of my relentless hard work over the last two years.

…insanely grateful for the three great men in my life who have bonded over their love for making fun of me. On that note, I am so lucky to have a patient Dad, and the sweetest brother ever (even when he’s being a brat.) I love the way they’ve accepted Andrew into the family.

…way too excited about seeing Hop on my birthday and have absolutely no shame about it.

…that girl who gets momentarily excited about pet giraffes being real (even when I know they can’t be).

…a tad outside the comfort zone when it comes to my body image, but working hard to regain control.

…craving honey like whoa lately. Also craving sliced pickles, chipotle mayo and BEEF. (Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this when I’m so hungry.)

…loving the XBox Kinect.

…finally finding my place in the professional world and redefining my own image.

…a writer.

…completely random.

…obsessing over cute shoes.

…falling in love with D.C. more and more everyday.

…way behind on my blog reading & miss all of you.

…surrounded by the quirkiest people who embrace my weirdness 100%.


8 thoughts on “Oh Who I am (At the moment)

  1. So does this mean you’re no longer trying to make it out to NYC? And: I want to get a Kinect! I don’t know anyone who has one. Maybe we can chat about it? ALSO: I want to see “Hop,” too. Everyone I’ve told this to has rolled their eyes; I’m so amused to see that the only other friend of mine who wants to see it is Muslim. And I, of course, am Jewish. FigureS. πŸ™‚


    1. Not for the moment, at least for a year. Things are working out pretty great here in .D.C and when I didn’t get the job in CO, I realized I wasn’t ready to leave D.C just yet.

      Kinect is the best! You know where to find me!

      Um, Hop is awesomesauce. Everyone else can suck it πŸ™‚


  2. A few things: 1) I see nothing wrong with becoming that girl – super exciting! 2) I’m dying for a Kinect – or something of that nature – ever since you told me about the dance workout. 3) That Simpsons cartoon at the end is so spot on so often that it’s scary.


    1. It’s exciting and weird!!

      Kinect > Everything else.

      Also, my new internship is taking me back to the Farragut area. I see more lunches in our guture!


  3. this city has an insidious little way of growing on you, doesn’t it? glad things are going well. πŸ™‚


    1. I’ve always been in love with D.C. but it just took over my heart this year.

      Thank ya πŸ™‚


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