Oh D.C., why can’t I quit you?

Sometimes, getting close to your dream can make you realize that it’s time to alter it…simply because you don’t have to move away to make it happen.

I’ll be honest. As much as I love DC, I do want to move away. Or just travel. The first time I got off the east coast in 15 years was last June. First time I went to the west coast was in January.

I am a person who craves travel and experience. I thought that I needed to do that by moving away so I began applying to jobs in NYC. Mostly, it was because I’ve been dying to live there for a long time. A smaller, yet forceful, factor was burning out on D.C.  Some personal stuff, some professional and other stuff that just made me want to break out of the box made me focus on leaving.

The thing is…I do love D.C. I love being considered a DC native. I love being DC Princess.

And I love my community.

That blog I wrote about being in limbo was on waiting to hear back from a job in CO. “You’ll love Boulder,” friends told me, and you know what? I’m 100% sure I will when I go to visit. (Ashley, Grace, the Lijit team? I’m coming to see you soon.) I really really wanted the job. I was ready to jump on a plane and be there. I was ready. I didn’t get the job but a sense of relief washed over me.

I’m not ready to leave D.C. just yet.

I love walking in the city.

I love meeting friends for drinks & lunch.

I love listening to my D.C. friends complain about having to go into VA.

I love the community I’ve built, and the way people look out for me.

I love meeting people at events and hear them say “DCPrincessQ? I think I’m following you on Twitter.”

I love that I can do a tour of the monuments at night.

I love that there are so many amazing people who have chosen to be a part of my life.

I love that I’ll be planning my wedding in Washington, D.C., regardless of where I’m living at the time.

I love that different streets hold different memories for me.

I love that when “The Remedy” comes on the radio, I think of driving across the 14th Street bridge as a freshman at GWU.

I love the feeling of being at home as I walk down the street.

Will I travel? Absolutely! Some of my best friends are scattered all over the country and I will go see them as often as possible.

Will I move away? Maybe. As I told people who wondered why CO instead of NY…I’m at a point in my career that will take me to wherever the opportunity is.  It could be a startup in CO, a marketing agency in NYC, a publisher in Seattle or maybe, one of my favorite companies right here in DC.

[Speaking of which, Sisarina is hiring a Social Media Manager & I naturally applied. I need your help though! If you’re on Twitter, please tweet with the hashtag #SisarinaSMM & tell the lovely ladies of @Sisarina why I would rock as their SMM.  You can also post on their FB wall. It’d rock if you did both 🙂 ]

So, Washington D.C., you got a hold on me.  Thank you for not letting me go without a fight because …

19 thoughts on “Oh D.C., why can’t I quit you?

  1. Saorry to hear you didn’t get the job, but as always you are handling it with grace and poise. Yay DC! And anyway we can’t come visit you if you aren’t there.


  2. You’ve just echoed how I feel about Toronto. Part of me is itching to get away but, there is also so much that I know I’d miss – mostly those moments of walking through the city & meeting up with friends for drinks & good food 🙂


      1. I know! Ever since I started blogging I went from knowing zero people in DC to getting to know all kinds of fantastic people who I’d love to meet.

        & You should come visit Toronto! 😉


  3. oh, do i know that feeling, as i contemplate the notion of having to go elsewhere to get work. this place really does have a siren song, eh?


  4. I love DC. Even though I dont live “in the city”, I still love being so close to it. When you live somewhere, sometimes, after a while, you fall in love with it, and think of it as another person in your life. That’s how I feel about D.C.


  5. DC is too big for me…so are all those other cities you mentioned….but I love living where I’m at too!!


  6. I adore DC, so I can easily see why you wouldn’t want to leave.

    I never expected to stay in the Charlotte area. Figured I would live here for a bit, then move on. Then my parents moved here, and I fell into a relationship with a boy who doesn’t plan to leave the region. Now I struggle at times with that internal conflict, wondering if I’ll ever move away after all. At the same time, it’s beautiful here and really has sooooo much. I know I’m not ready to go just yet, without a doubt, but if I get to that point, I don’t know if I’ll really be able to tear myself away anyway…


    1. I’m lucky. If I ever do get a job and move to a different city, I know that Andrew will come with because he can find a job anywhere within his industry. And he knows we’ll always end up in D.C. anyway 🙂


  7. Boulder’s beautiful! My sister got married out there last June. I miss that place a lot, was there less than a week.


  8. Aw 🙂 And you’re welcome to come visit here ANYTIME.

    You’re amazing! Traveling is an amazing way to wake up the senses. And you know what you will travel. I just fold it into my life, ensure that somehow I make it happen and since its part of my value system I spend more on travel than other things.

    Sometimes though, I believe in going to a place you LOVE, then letting the job come. I know, risky. I did it, but yikes, it was fun and scary. Because we all know how jobs (well life) are just not guaranteed. So you could move across the country for a job and then the job falls through and you don’t love where it is. Then where are you? Jobs come and go, they always will. But your heart, your location and community will be there.

    Just food for thought. What do you think?? Am I totally a crazy Gen Yer 😉


    1. Ohh, believe me, I have definitely considered it. If I had any kind of safety net & didn’t have to pay for school, I would’ve totally done that.

      And I would still consider it. It’s just not in the cards at this very moment 🙂

      You are awesome and I am so glad I got to know you a bit more through this entire process. I can’t wait to come visit you guys as soon as I can 🙂


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