Obligatory Pre-Thanksgiving Blog

I should be blogging a “Thankful for this” post right? But the thing is…I give thanks everyday…or every week, at the very least.  The people in my life know that I’m grateful for them and if they don’t, then will one day out of 365 change that? Should my friendships hang on to what I say or don’t say on ONE DAY instead of everyday?

That’s what I thought.

So, I’m going to be out with friends tonight, home with the family tomorrow-Friday and then home in DC for the rest of the weekend.  Very laid back…or that’s the plan…but lately, nothing in my life goes according to plan.

In random news:

I am on BlogHer…are you? Add me…I’m so lonely over there.

As well as LinkedIn and 20SB where the nominations for 2010 Bootlegger Awards are now open.

*points to the right*

I now have a button for my site…If you want to do a button exchange, let me know.

I might be doing a VLog for the end of the year…Answering your questions…so I guess this is where I say: Ask me anything…and you shall get your answer in video form.

Also, if I ever get married, I want this to be my wedding song & dance:

Tell me one of your favorite comedy scenes from a movie or show.

Tell me something that intimidates you.

Recommend a movie or a book.

Smile at a stranger today.

7 thoughts on “Obligatory Pre-Thanksgiving Blog

  1. Anything with Zach Galifianakis.

    Walking into new gyms intimidates me.

    Confidant, pretty, nice women intimidate me. Friends of my friends intimidate me. Pretty much anyone I *want* to like me lol.


  2. Rat Race is filled with great comedy scenes.

    Also, Law Abiding Citizen is a good movie.

    And , I just smiled at a strange lady. She punched me in the eye. Although, that might have been more because of my hand being on her ass than because of the smile.
    .-= Ed Adams´s last blog ..Memoir Monday…….I’m BACK my bitches =-.


  3. The only stranger I saw today was the sewer guy – at 8am. He was NOT rewarded with a smile.

    Intimidating is falling in love – to give in and leave my heart vulnerable.

    Transatlantic flights rock when unable to sleep. Last week I watched “The TimeTraveler’s Wife”, “The Soloist” (mmmm Robert Downey Jr!), and “Coco avent Chanel”. All highly recommended.

    Favorite comedy scenes are the old Eddie Murphy stuff from the 80s – the barber shop scene from Coming To America (“His Momma call him Clay, I call him Clay!”), and the train scene from Trading Places (“Hi may name is Hilda. Could you please help me witt my rucksack”. BEST ice breaker ever)

    Happy Thanksgiving Sweets. I an thankful for YOU!

    .-= Anita´s last blog ..Lisbeth =-.


  4. About 2 years back, I fell in love for the very first time. She was just a friend within our group, but for some reason we just clicked, and have loved every other’s company ever because. Back again then I wasn’t much of a looker, and I did not blame her when she informed me how she did not see me within the same way.


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