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My Must-Haves: From Make-Up to Batteries

Between moving cross-country and planning to move into a new apartment, I’ve been making a list of items that I will definitely need in the next few days, as well as when I get settled into a new apartment. Because there are necessities we all need and P&G provides a ton of them – at awesome prices, too!

Before I tell you about the items on my “Must-Have” list, I should tell you that if you’re ordering for the first time from the P&G store, you can get 15% off your very first order! Just use this promo code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA

You will also get free samples with every order AND free shipping on orders over $25.

Sound good? I thought so.

Now let’s move on to my Must-Have list, combined with some great deals.

*Downy Unstoppables – I love these babies and use them in my laundry all the time! My favorite is the Fresh Scent booster.

*Duracell – I run out of batteries ALL the time, so I always have some extra lying around the apartment. Between my Xbox controller, remotes and other geeky things, it’s always good to have some batteries lying around in my junk drawer. There’s actually a Bundle of Batteries Sweepstakes you should enter right now. You can win a $100 prize pack of Duracell batteries to power you through the holiday season (for those new toys!) and beyond.

* CoverGirl – Listen, I may be driving cross country but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take care of myself. After I apply some chapstick, you know that I’ll be putting on my favorite lip gloss. As I ring in 2013 with my favorite people in Seattle, I’ll also apply a little bit of mascara, even though we’re just going to be staying home and playing board games 🙂

* Olay – I’ve actually been using Olay since I was 16, when my mom taught me about moisturizing and I love all their products. Check them out!

Ladies, what are some of your must-haves in your make-up bag? 

All, check your junk drawer right now. How many of those batteries do you think actually work? 

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  • Kristin Knudsen May 24, 2015, 4:43 am

    I absolutely love P&G products!!! Also, you seem to have list my “must-haves” in your list! From the Downy Unstoppables, to the Olay Total Effects…and most of all…I don’t go anywhere without CoverGirl Outlast lipstick!!! And, to keep everything in my home running…I use Duracell!!!

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