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In a previous post, I mentioned how much I love walking.  When walking for a CAUSE, it’s even sweeter, which is what I will be doing  next weekend during the National Memory Walk.  I, personally, have not had Alzheimer’s hit close to home but that is not a requirement to raise awareness and walk for a good cause.  I am one of the Memory Muses and if you’re local, we would love for you to stop by our fundraising happy hour tonight at Coco Sala. Besides, who doesn’t love red wine & chocolate?

If you are not local, you can always contribute to the cause through my page.

You can also make a purchase from my Etsy shop and I will be donating 25% of my profits to my goal of $500. Grab an awesome picture for your home & contribute to a good cause. What could be better?

Speaking of making a difference, you guys know that I’m currently interning with myImpact, which is a brand new online platform to track your volunteer activity through Twitter & the web.  We have an exciting few months ahead of us and I’m excited to be a part of the team.  If you do any volunteering at all, you should sign up and check out our tool to track your impact.  We want feedback from our users to mold the platform to be as effective and useful as possible.  It’s exciting to be a part of a project working toward making an impact and recognizing, as well as encouraging those of you who volunteer and make a difference in your community.

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