Little Miss Stubborn

I am kind of stubborn.


Yeah, I know. Pretty shocking.

I get stubborn easily. I get competitive, rebellious, bratty stubborn after a certain point. My Aries-independent-Turkish mojo also contributes to this stubborness.

The stubborn part of me also applies to all things school & work related. And being social. When I get into “I don’t want anything. GO AWAY” mode, I’m either hilarious because I am just so ridiculous or I have some serious blues to work through.

Let’s talk about how well that plays when you’re in a serious relationship.

Things in a relationship, especially when you’re living together, aren’t always the easiest.  There are times you want to SMACK THE STUPID RIGHT OFF OF EACH OTHER. There are let-downs. There are expectations, the failure of said expectations and then the forgiveness.

I’m stubborn. The great thing is Andrew is now an expert in stubborn. He knows when the stubbornness is stemming from something completely different in my life. He knows when he needs to just get me off my ass and over it. He also knows when to walk away…slowly.

Today was a “You need to get off your ass AND I’M NOT GIVING UP” day.

Sometimes, even though I may forgive, I don’t get my hopes back up.

“Nope, not going.” That was me Sunday morning because I thought our Sunday was, once again, completely ruined and I DIDN’T WANT TO GO OUT. NOPE.

See the stubborn? (I know, shocking.)

What did my patient, understanding, expert in-all-things-crazy fiance do?

He proceeded to sing in the shower and patiently waited for me to get the stubborn out of my system.

You know how our day went? CAN YOU GUESS?

It went swimmingly.

We had a very nice lunch at Gordon Biersch, followed by a stroll in the gorgeous sun and a wrap-up of the afternoon with a movie.

Peachy day.

And then we came home, he decided to put a flower in his mouth & made me take a picture of him.

Because that’s how we roll.

Are you stubborn? Do you recognize your stubborn tendencies or just let the chips fall?

If you’re in a relationship, is your significant other stubborn? How’s that working for ya?

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5 thoughts on “Little Miss Stubborn

  1. I am quite stubborn. But I’m too stubborn to admit it. Or do anything about it.

    Also, I’m jealous you have a finace who “puts up” with your stubborness. Dammmmn you. (not really <3 )


  2. We’re both stubborn. In fact – it’s almost a contest to see who’s worse. But we do try to take turns on the serious stuff. So far, so good.


  3. stubborn should be my middle name. i dig in, harshly, and don’t let up often. the man has known me long enough, though, that he just rides my mood out. he’s also more than willing to tell me to stow it when i’m being unreasonable, too. it works well.


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