Linkage Love and a Puppy Video

Happy Friday (OMG FINALLY). I have been MIA for the most part on here except for a blog here and there but I have been active in other places and it’s probably a time for an update.

Where you can find my social-media addict face all over the web:

Flickr: I got a new camera, began Project365 and am just sharing pictures with you left and right.

Daily Booth: Speaking of pictures, I gave into peer pressure…I’m now on Daily Booth which means I have to actually be picture ready EVERY DAY.

YouTube: One up from pictures…videos! I am super behind on my #VEDA posts but I love my YouTube lovers!!

LinkedIn: I have to profiles but the one I use the most is Jordan Q.  I also ask that if you know my work as a freelancer, please take the time to write me a recommendation. I’m still working on building my PQ Productions business and client base.

BlogHer: Since I’m going to BlogHer ’11 in San Diego next August with my awesome roomie Free & Flawed, I should probably get more involved in the network. If you’re a BlogHer blogger, please add me on there!

PROJECT POSTCARD: HOW CAN I FORGET MY OWN PROJECT? #fail. Well, go check it out! First pairings will be mailed out in October.

Tumblr: I will probably get back to using this more often so holla!

Brazen: Because everyone loves Brazen!

Glass: Because I promised Jennifer that I would check it out again and get back to it.

Twitter: Well, duh.

MeetUp: I am the organizer for the Washington DC Freelance Writers & Editors Network so if you’re in the area, you should join! Our next meetup will be sometime in early September.

And the best way to reach me…GMail

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I am hoping to be back in full blogging (and reading blogs) force within the next week or two.

I leave you with this gem:

12 thoughts on “Linkage Love and a Puppy Video

  1. Wait…we are supposed to always be picture ready for DailyBooth?! I just can’t handle that kind of pressure!!!


  2. Be picture ready all the time? Oof. No pressure or anything.

    On another note, that video’s super cute, and the puppy is beautiful. Reminds me of the puppy we had growing up.


    1. None at all.

      It’s my parents’ puppy (Of course they had to get one AFTER I moved out). She is stunning.


  3. I’m SO excited for BH11! I’ll have to take a daily booth picture just to prove it!

    Also, thanks for not only giving Glass a shout out, but giving it another shot 🙂


  4. bwahaha now I shall stalk you all over social media or email you stuff
    or just read here because I’m way lazy but you never know.
    now if you use google chat then I’d bug you all the time there because I get bored easily and need lots of people to talk to when working on my writing.


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