Let’s Talk About LIARS

There are two facts I know without a doubt:

1) Everybody lies.

2) Lies will always catch up with you.

It starts when we’re kids, before we even know what lying is.  As we grow, our ability to lie and manipulate mature.  The fact is, you might be a ‘bad liar’ but you can be manipulative. Everyone has this ability. Don’t shake your head. Even you too, believe me.

The thing about liars is those, no matter what, they always lie to themselves and the person that gets hurt the most is, essentially, them. They’ll hurt those around them, as well.

Sometimes though, they are so manipulative that their poison starts touching everyone around them. These are the most insecure people. Their lies start so small that the people around them don’t really notice at first.

Then they add up.

Eventually, people start talking. Facts come to light. Inconsistencies start matching up. It may take days, weeks, months or even years. When it finally happens, when the pieces fall into place, the true nature of the person behind the lies comes out.

Most of the time, their lies don’t do much harm. Maybe cause annoyances.

Sometimes? They come between friends.

One big fabricated conversation causes a chain reaction that leaves two friends on opposite ends, with the liar in the corner she chose. The two friends react to each other’s reactions, saying hurtful things about the other because they are angry & hurt.

Months pass.

All of a sudden, the truth comes out. One friend reaches out after discovering the truth and the other friend, reluctantly accepts the invitation to coffee.

The truth comes out, and there is damage control to be done. Notes are compared, and lies are exposed. Their friendship can be restored, as well as the balance. It may take time but they’ll get back to normal.

The only loser in this scenario is the manipulative liar who went out of her way to throw someone under a nonexistant bus.

Everybody lies. White lies, manipulative lies, lies we tell ourselves – big or small, always catch up with the liar.


In unrelated, but also related news, you may have heard this past summer that I’m a credit card thief. Maybe you believed it. If you did, I forgive you. Maybe that’s why you haven’t hung out with or talked to me. That’s OK. I may be a lot of things but never would I steal from ANYONE. (OK, maybe I’ll take an extra cookie at your house party. I’M SORRY I LIKE COOKIES!)

Just thought I’d clear the air.

22 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About LIARS

  1. jeez. that’s a special one, right there.

    liars do always get theirs. and i’ll tell you, it’s pretty damn satisfying when they do.


  2. I hate lies (not that anyone likes them, I suppose). I don’t understand why people feel the need to lie . . . and I think the fact that I don’t lie has hurt me in some situations, but I don’t care. Still not going to do it.


    1. That’s what makes you an awesome person. Some people lie about EVERYTHING. I don’t have the energy to remember all of those lies.


  3. I beg to differ. Buddhist don’t lie. Especially not Buddhist monks. It’s one of their 5 tenants or something. And those guys can go like days without eating while standing on one leg so if they say they don’t lie they probably don’t lie. Interestingly enough my bf says he NEVER lies or at least that is very important to him NEVER to lie about anything so I imagine he does a better job than most people even if he does sometimes. So to honor his honesty and trust in me, I have been trying better to NOT LIE and by being conscious of lying I didn’t realize HOW MUCH I LIE on a daily basis. About things that don’t matter or where white lies have always been easier. EX1: Bf annoyed me recently and he could tell. He asked me later: “you were mad at me?” And I say “No I wasn’t. I’m fine.” Lie. And then I paused and said…”That’s not true. I was annoyed, But I am fine now and its not something worth talking about.” Totally true. Or when people at work ask how your weekend was and maybe something bad happened but you say, “It was great.” Because no one wants you to dump their problems on them and how much do they care anyways? Sometimes its just easier to gloss over things with a lie. Hmmm….T.


    1. There are certain exceptions but people you come across in your daily life will have told a lie or two, whether it’s a white lie or something bigger. It’s just in our nature.


  4. I knew it was you who ate all the cookies…

    But seriously, all the rest of this? Spot on. You know how I feel about this.


  5. ugh i hate bullshit like that. lies of omission are just as hurtful as lies of commission (this is me using my psychology key words… like a 6th grader lol). i cut out a friend because she could never be honest with me and it was always causing me grief *hugs* glad to hear you are able to rebuild an old friendship

    ps – lol i always make extra cookies. have as many as you’d like 😉


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